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Your view on reiki?

No explanations please of what reiki is.

Just wondering what your views are on religious aspect, usage, application, value of reiki?

Testimonials welcome as all right.

No rude comments please. Arguments for or against reiki accepted, but solitary in a discussional voice.

Thank you surrounded by advance 🙂



Reiki is not a religion. You don’t even hold to believe or understand how it works. All you hold to do is be open to adopt the energy. My husband used to be a huge skeptic until he tried it himself. He cannot deny that it have helped him within many aspects. He’s the first one to vote he doesn’t know how it works, but it does work. Now he asks me to give him Reiki when he wishes it. Reiki does not promise a cure, but traditional medicine really can’t promise a cure any. It’s often used contained by conjuction with other curative methods. I find many populace seeking Reiki are doing so because they are not happy near the answers traditional medicine have provided them and they are looking for something different to help contained by their healing.

Personally, I own helped folks feel better next to issues such as migraines, stomach/intestinal problems, back distress, arthritis, bronchitis, psychosis, emotional spasm including abuse, depression, stress, etc.

The value depends on each individual soul. Some people own deeper issues that need more work than others. Most inhabitants report they at least get the impression very relaxed and smaller quantity stressed right away.


I hope you don’t take this as a disussion of what it is and report me, but, what is it?

Now that I’ve read some answers, it sounds a bit close to the basis for Ho-Oponopono.


Reiki is not a religion and have no religious connotations. It is simply energy i.e. transferred to someone or your self for the purpose of healing. It can be explained through quantum physics and is a unprocessed phenomenon.
I have used Reiki on myself, my pets and on friends for 10+ years. I enjoy received attunements and training to the master-teacher level within 5 different traditions–Usui, Tibetian, Karuna, Karuna Ki and Egyptian Sekeim. Each uses a slightly different spectrum of energy. Hospitals within many areas are recognize the effectiveness of Reiki within pain nouns, stress relief and the speeding of remedial and several–in Utah that I am aware of–have encouraged their nursing staff to be attuned to see the use of Reiki in seizure rooms, etc. Also, some veterinarians have be using Reiki in their clinics to aid contained by animal recovery after surgery.