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You realise homeopathy etc doesn t work? Right?



mate you’re on a hiding to nothing on this site mate because it’s bursting with fools closing their eyes. One guy within said you haven’t done your research into it’s origins, founder etc. in certainty he must not have done, because the story of homeoquackery is improbable.
They ACTUALLY believe that the more you dilute something the stronger it’s affect. ha. I have several times asked this give somebody the third degree to homeopaths and never got a reply but I will try all over again.
.When you dilute something does it…
a) get stronger
b) find weaker.
Answers please.
And by the way that’s not my intact argument and I can produce sources if required but unlike you believers I can actually use my own words to explain my thinking.
Stories are not proof. You dog/cat/child would enjoy got better anyway. honestly IT’S ONLY WATER.


Sorry.Homeopathy works within certain cases.It is best form for hallucination,stromach troubles of children.it is harmless.For chronic cases approaching cancer ,it is not effective.The medicine used in modern prescription and homeopathy are more or less similar.But surrounded by modern medicine stronger the dose,it make more effective,but contained by homeopathy more dilute it is more effective!!