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Yeast Infection Help ?

I”m snowed in currently and near is no way I can get hold of out until tomorrow to get my OTC treatment.However this yeast infection is massacre, what can I do to treat it at home? I have no yogurt, and merely powdered garlic. Thanks



Try some apple cider vinegar if you have any of that. Dilute it almost 1/2 and 1/2. It is very upright for viral and fungal (yeast). Helps restore ph balance also, which help. When you do get out, instead of OTC, grasp a bottle of Grapefruit Seed Extract from your local health food store. Dilute it 10 drops to 6 oz of hose (can be a bit stronger). You can use it as a wipe or douche. It is also effective for sore throats and ear infections, and can be taken internally for other fungal, viral and bacterial issues. It is a must within any medicine cabinet. If the form food store doesn’t have it, you can instruct online at


Oh, hunny, I don’t think powdered garlic will back. Sitting in a heat bath next to some salt added may soothe it a short time.