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Xango vs Mona Vie?

I’ve been a xango user from some time, but my nutritionist is immediately telling me she is switching to mona struggle. My question is, since they both do vitally the same entity, which is better?



Neither because they have so much cheap worthless fruit liquid in them. I drank them both but I found 100% fanatical Harvested GOJI, NONI, Mangosteen, ACAI’ and I take a combination of adjectives 4. It is called Power4 and I draw from it from link below.


i dont exactly know the diffrence between them but i enjoy been on mona battle and it is wonderful ..it helps next to
Prevent or reduce inflammation
Help regulate metabolism and burn body grease
Lower total cholesterol
Lower blood pressure
Help protect against heart disease
Help protect against cancer
Help protect organs from toxins
Promote digestive health
if your interested surrounded by buying some mona vie please contact me at neal_1991@YAH00.com