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Wtf is a ROXY ??

I work in a pretty full-size, higher-class stripclub. I’ve been dance for years now and I’ve see about everything. Coke, heroin, meth.. Now these crazy girls hold coming up to me and asking if I know where they can go and get a roxy. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against smokin a hooter once within awhile, but I don’t get into not easy stuff at all. Someone please finish off this confusion…



Roxys or Roxicodone is instant release oxycodone. Doctors are starting to use them to replace oxycontin. They come in 15 and 30mg strengths. Unlike oxycontin which is time released over a time of 12hrs Roxys are instantanious so there is no call for to crush them down. Unless you are going to shoot them up or snort them. They are also called blues.


roxy is a clothing company