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Why do the 2 middle fingers on my 2 hand tingle I never have surgery any ?

I did have a small motor accident, just about three weeks ago and my hands enjoy been tingling bad and on since. from behind someone crash into me and my hands be gripping the steering wheel at the time but I don’t know how rugged I was gripping, so I resembling to know if that may be it or if there is something else scheduled to me



I have 2 fingers that are slightly numb too, and they own been so for almost 2 years. I fell off a stepladder and had a rotator cuff injury (shoulder), so Dr. said it’s probably a pinched guts. I went to a neurology specialist, who stuck needles within my arm and moved them up and down, sent little electric shocks to do tests, later after all the headache said there wasn’t any serious ruin. I DON’T recommend putting yourself through these tests unless you’ve lost use of the fingers. As i said the numbness have remained now for a couple of years and I forget just about it. Try chiropractor and massage, perchance yoga or other stretching exercises. In my case, the test at the neurologists were worse than a couple of years of tingling fingers.


Could be a pinched, rudeness somewhere, if your fingers are tingling, sounds like something could hold been knock out of place and why it is taking place. I would check with a doctor or chiropractor.