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Why do perscriptions cost so much?

This is my story:
So, I recently get my MaineCare insurance taken away because I turned 18. I use MaineCare to pay for my birth control perscription. So, until I re-apply for MaineCare I guess I lately have to clear for my birth control. (by the way, I use the patch) Today I go to get my perscription and it cost me a whopping $51. WHY!?!



Because the Pharmaceutical Industry spent closely of money in investments to scientifically digit out if this drug works, why it works, what are the side affects and so on. At the end of the afternoon many drugs never see the bazaar and are thrown away after millions of dollars and years of work. So when they find one that works and it goes through trials and FDA, you are not singular paying for the drug you take, but for those that fell by the wayside and never made it. Good Luck
PS you might close to to know that Viagra, was a exotic drug to control blood pressure, only when it get to trial stage it failed to control blood pressure. At that stage they be ready to bin it and start again! However one of the side affects be noted and so they thought: is their a demand for this product? Answer yes, so they capitalized on it, but not for blood pressure.


Big Pharma have us by the short hairs. They charge that much because they can.
They’ll influence it’s because it costs a lot of money to bring a drug onto the open market, but they could easily verbs their losses/make a profit with lower prices.
Of course, if we have national health caution this wouldn’t be a problem, but that’s another topic.