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Why do our head hurt when we sleep too much?



the reason you procure a headache when you sleep too long is this. If you sleep more then 8 or so hours you open to dehydrate, the first part of your body to be effect is your brain. with out dampen the brain over heats and swells. Best cure: Start by drinking at least possible 8ozs.of water for every hour your awake. Next dance out and buy some low dose aspirin. take one next to 8 ozs. of water going on for 30 minutes before you jump to bed. that should help. OH and FYI if your prone to droop overs. take two aspirin and just about 16 ozs. water. but don’t phone me in the morning. Alcohol speeds up dehydration. you will still probably own a hang over but at smallest your eyes will stay in their sockets.


is this when you suddenly rouse up randomly?