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Why do I twitch when I start to spatter asleep?

When I start to fall asleep, I usually dream that I trip and nose-dive backwards but just until that time falling backwards, my leg twitches and I woke up instantly. It’s like a sleep ruiner. Maybe I woke up simply to, like, prevent myself from falling and breaking my dcolletage? I know it’s just a dream but my conscience seem to tell me that, it’s true? It’s caring of counfusing anyway, but what does this twitching means truly?



They’re called myoclonus jerk. They’re caused by the muscles suddenly contracting next relaxing. It can’t be controlled, and no one really know what exactly causes it. It’s not risky, but I know what you mean- it feels so abnormal and give you a weird/bad opinion when you wake up.


I attain the same entity except with me I dream I slop forward and I jerk awake. Not newly a leg but like my adjectives body kinda jerks at once. Dunno why it jhappens but in a minute i know it happens to others too.