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Why do I touch so sorrowing around Heath Ledger?

I have never really be a Humongous Heath Ledger fan. however I reflect he was a brilliant babyish actor. For some principle this has hit me tricky and I am really confused why. I thought maybe I be a little extra sensitive yesterday but I woke this morning and its the first entity I thought about. My heart hurts for this intact situation. Im not sure why?
God Bless



You have a heart and a soul. It is okay to get the impression sad over the loss of a individual you did not know personally. Through the artifice of movies, t.v., and the media, we become one-sidedly involved with general public who inspire us and impress us. That he touched YOU would make him proud.


He be so young, have a wonderful career ahead of him, and a wonderful daughter. He was taken too soon. We’re adjectives in shock.