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Why do I stir up so vital when I budge to sleep belatedly?

This is so weird but i don’t know why it happen to me! okay so when i go to sleep untimely, say roughly speaking 8:30 pm or so, and wake up at 7:00 am, i am sooo tired and almost the full entire day i’m freshly sleepy, however when i go to sleep really in arrears like more or less 1:00 am or maybe even 2:00 am and rouse up at 7:00 am, i am soooo energetic!! i niggardly i just drop out of bed soo happy!! this is sooo chance, but why does this happen??



These are freshly one of these things that I really don’t have an anwswer for. I do know that if I lug a “Power Nap” I feel that same drive that you are describing.