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Whats your opinion about smoking weed?

Im a pot head and i smoke daily, but i have a job and im going to college so dont talk **** saying we ALL pot heads are bad people, in my opinion i think its good and it does not affect you, what do you think?



Its just like alcohol if you do it daily sooner or later it becomes a problem


I’ve never smoked pot and I’m 23. I guess I can’t really have a solid opinion on it since I’ve never smoked or hung out with any smokers. I don’t have an addictive personality so maybe I should try it to get a better opinion.


I smoked for many years, it does have some small side affects but nothing major. Smoke away, but I suggest you stop if you wanna be really successful


as long as it’s not interfering
Night time only for me, it makes me lazy in the daytime


One of the pleasures of life on this here planet.
Been smoking for 36 years and I can still do the
New York Times sunday crossword..
(And I can write considerably more clearly than a whole
lot of the younger generation can these days!)


Well if you are still able to go to work and school then I guess you aren’t letting it take over your life. My concern would be if you are getting behind the wheel after you’ve smoked. Or what kind of job you have. (Are you making the workplace unsafe for others) Personally I don’t have a problem with people drinking or smoking weed. As long as it’s recreational and you aren’t putting others in danger. If you do THEN I have a problem with it. Just be safe when you smoke. Make sure you have snackies on hand so you don’t need to make a run to the store when the munchies hit!


I use to smoke weed, and at first liked it a lot. It cleared my mind and it was a quick fix. Unfortunately, I had to smoke more and more to get the same feeling. Why I was still doing weed and other drugs, I started to practice yoga and meditation. After a while, I realized that meditation did the same but even better. Not only does help you become healthier, it gets more effective over time and practice. Weed is not bad in my opinion, if it is used for valid medicinal reasons, and is used as a doorway to better things in life (not hardcore drugs in this case). If used for any other reason, it can become a crutch, negatively impact chances of getting and retaining jobs, and indirectly effect other people (where as alchohol can directly effect others). Weed does affect you in ways you may not realize- it dissipates your access to energy, it destroys your power of will and determination, etc. A lot of the time this is covered up or unrecognizable because in the meantime it does help with stress (unless your always worried about being caught). The little positive can out weight way the negative.


smoke your life away at least ur havin fun ahah


I used to smoke daily. I put on a lot of weight, because me and my workmate used to buy our ‘munchies’ before we got stoned. I haven’t done it for a year and by god do I miss it, but I don’t crave it as much as I did when I was smoking it every day. I couldn’t get to sleep without it. Not all pot heads are bad people, but I didn’t go round telling everybody I did it either mainly because I work in the healthcare industry, and if people knew it would probably wreck my career. I think it affects you if you smoke it long term, but so long as you don’t do dumb stuff like driving while stoned you should be all good! Just take a break from it every now and then.