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Whats this pill really do?? PLEASE READ ?

i got it right now
ok one of my cousin’s friends said he was thinking bout trying a blue pill that has a picture of a little man on it
im very concerned about this
if someone can tell me what that pill is n wat it does i would be early grateful



Typically a pill with any sort of graphics on it probably is Ecstacy. People usually attach names to the pills to describe them so that people can ask for that same sort of pill again if they like the effects. Play it real safe here, bad things happen with ecstacy. I am not anti-drug, I am a realist and this drug is one you don’t want to screw around with.


It could be doxycycline, but its hard to tell by your description, doxycycline is a antibiotic.It will make your skin alittle more sensitive, and in about 10% of people it gives them a rash. Possibly a stomach ache if he dosent eat while taking it.
Pretty Harmless, if its that.


It might get him hard for 6 hours at the worst.


Your cousin’s friend needs to understand that taking an unknown pill can be deadly. It could be harmless, could cause an allergic reaction (that could be dangerous), could cause a psychotic episode, could kill him.
No potential high is worth the risk.


Call poison control. Poison control is an excellent resource. You ALWAYS talk to a real person. And you can describe the pill and they can tell you what it is 95% of the time.