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Whats the shelf life of rescue remedy?

I have some rescue remedy made up from the herbalist from the start of 2003.
It has no expiration date.
Does anyone know how long it keeps for or if it can be harmful if taken when too old?



According to my knowledge, you can store it in a cool dark place away from light and heat as there is no expiry date. At the most the brandy in it, which is used to make the tincture, may evaporate. Use it as and when necessary. There is no harm.
This goes for all homeopathic remedies too. If you are having pills discard them if they get discolored.


It won’t hurt you if it’s old. It may become ineffective, but it lasts a long time.


Because it is an energy medicine it should not ever loose its potency. Usually rescue remedy is made in an alcohol tincture which gives it a potential shelf life measured in decades.