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Whats The Best Way To Get Rid of Hiccups?

And none of those old-wives ones — I want one that actually has worked for you.



A friend (not Mary Poppins) turned me on to this one when I couldn’t get rid of hiccups for several hours. It is simple and it worked!
Just swallow a spoonful of sugar. About a teaspoon no liquid. They will be gone in no time.


holdin my breathe or drinkin a glass of water in one shot both work for me very well


get a cup of water and put a paper towel over it and drink through the paper towel
if that doesnt work theres always
hold your breath
have someone scare you 🙂


Say elephant 5 times silently in your head.


Try swallowing your own saliva a couple of times and if that doesn’t work, drink plenty of water.


This may sound cvrazy but the best way to get rid of the hiccups is to stick your finger to the back of your throat until you start to gag. Don’t make yourself throw up. Just enough to where you will gag a little. They go away right then! Works like magic everytime.


Drink a cup of water, tilt your head back, close your eyes, and put your self in a dark area.. my brother told me this when we were kids and it works for me every time 🙂


drink a glass of apple cider vinegar is one i’ve heard of .


I swear this works for me and it might for you too!
Take nine sips of water, hold your breath on the last sip…swallow and let breath out after 6-8 seconds and then breath normally.
Holding your breath continually, I think doesn’t help. Hope this helped.


Hiccups is cramp in the mid rif. get rid of with by putting pressure on it from within. How? Take a breath as deep as you can and keep pumping up the area while holding it as long as you can. After a few times you will notice the hiccup is gone.
When it isnt gone you can ask someone to give you a scare at a moment you least expect it like having them call BOO! all of a sudden. When it stays go see your doc but also avoid getting it by eating smaller chunks of food, chewing your food very well, eat and drink slowly (controlled) and swallow slowly.
However, swallowing air can get it started too but anyway, give it a try. The above helps my family always.


Hiccups are caused by a nerve in the back of your throat..the best way to rid yourself of the hiccups is to activate that nerve again so its not stuck in stall mode.
Drink upside down,
nine sips of water,
touching the back of your throat..
all good methods…just depends on what works for you.
If hiccups persist for more than 24 hours you need to see your doctor.
I took care of a man who had hiccups for two months straight…nothing stopped it. He was miserable, and he never got any sleep. Bless his heart.


drink a cup of water upside down. Works EVERY time.
You do this by bending at the waist and putting your mouth on the opposite edge of the glass and then tilting it toward you to drink. Kind of odd, but it really does work.