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What s the best way to cure horniness?

i’m sooo horny right now



You’ve got some decent answers thus far. I think you should go to that website that starts with an “X” that I told you about, and release a load!


masturbate, or find somebody to have sex with


if you are by yourself – masturbate


a boyfriend or a girlfriend
if you can’t find one, sometimes porn works ok


hahaha ok find something productive to do. answer questions on Y! to get your mind off of it. =)


think of your granny


have sex. masturbate. find porn, then masturbate. not sure, you really need to get a life though & stop posting these questions.


slam the toilet seat on your penis


since this is in alternative health..I will answer it in that vein (no pun intended)..
also be aware that some like the Chinese medicine etc believe that excessive sex and release harms men later in life diminishing their vital energy and suggest enjoying the process (foreplay etc) (like women do more) more so the the product or end result (release)..they feel this builds self mastery as well as preventing later problems due to the effects on the health (in their opinion) of excessive sex and attention to sex.
To reduce the sex drive, see these links and herbs
5 htp said to reduce sex drive in men
reduction on 5 htp towards the end..this is mostly how to increase it–


Put your horn under a cold water tap. The cold running water (damp treatment) will dampen your sex drive (temporarily). It is similar to taking a cold shower.