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What does chest pain caused by acid reflux feel like? PLEASE answer if you can?

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  2. Video why acid reflux causes pain around the heart?


When you think of chest pain you immediately associate it with a heart attack, and rightly so.

Heart attacks are not easy to diagnose and it is always safer to error on the side of caution and get checked out immediately by a doctor if you have chest pain.  I have heard of too many horror stories where patients who have experienced a heart attack say they thought it was only heartburn.  If you have chest pain and you have never had acid reflux – Get it checked out immediately.

Now, I think your question really is, “can acid reflux feel like a heart attack?” Yes. Severe acid reflux can be very painful to some patients.  One thing that I have learned throughout my career is that all bodies are not the same and therefore do not handle the same things in the same way.  This is especially true when defining pain.

chest pain caused by acid reflux

I have not experienced a heart attack myself, but what most heart attack patients tell me is that they have a lot of pressure on their chest.  However, that being said, there are a lot of other heart attack patients that have told me that they had very little pain in their chest; they just didn’t feel right, or they had pain in their back or elsewhere.  If you are waiting for the usual chest pain and tingling in your left arm before seeking medical help, you better think again and get familiar with other heart attack symptoms.

In some cases a heart attack is not unlike acid reflux – acid reflux can be extremely painful in the chest area.  Remember this is pain not pressure.  Heartburn or acid reflux is caused when the lower esophageal sphincter fails and causes stomach acid to flow into the esophagus.  This has happened too many times and if you feel pain it’s because the esophageal lining has been eaten away and the acid is now starting to eat away at your esophagus.  If most or all of the lining is gone, this pain can be intense.  Think of pouring acid on your hand, do you think it will burn?  Of course. Whether it is a heart attack or acid reflux and if you are in this much pain, you cannot be wrong to seek medical help to determine the cause. Pain is in a way, good, it is your body telling you there is something wrong and to do something about it.  If it is acid reflux and you are in this much pain, then your esophagus is in jeopardy to be eaten away by the acid and has been known to cause cancer.

The bottom line – if you have acid reflux, you can have a lot of other problems.  To get control of your acid reflux you may need to make lifestyle changes.  I made my changes several years ago and feel great.  There is an eBook that I recommend that you read and try the remedies.  They changed my life forever.Read my full review, then get the eBook, you’ll be glad you did.

2Why acid reflux causes pain around the heart?