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Indigestion Remedy

Indigestion is “incomplete digestion? If you have it, you know it all too well.
Rather than get on prescription meds for the rest of your life, go to Natural Remedy for Acid Reflux and Home Remedy for Heartburn to learn more about digestive disorders.

Additionally, eating late at night, excessive weight gain, and eating junk food close to bedtime are all factors for indigestion, which is particularly troublesome if you are trying to sleep. I am also concerned about the corrosive contents of indigestion, which is damaging to the esophagus.

The most important thing that my experience in helping people has taught me is that indigestion is more prevalent as we grow older due to the fact that our level of production of digestive enzymes necessary for good digestions declines as we age.

What I try to get across is that restoring more of what we use to make plentifully is more beneficial than suppressing symptoms with chemicals that do nothing to heal the body.

None of the substances mentioned in the two pages referenced above can be patented; therefore, there is zero incentive to discuss them with you. In the escalading quest for profits, the needs of people have been tossed aside in favor of money. Is it any wonder the world is in the condition it’s in? We have lost all sense of humanity.

Vow to never watch another pharmaceutical commercial on television again. The pharmaceutical giants have the deep pockets to make sure you get the message deeply seated in your consciousness. They want you for life and they are willing to spend billions to make sure you are properly programmed. All of the satellite companies now offer DVR recording machines to pre-record programs to eliminate all possibilities of this assault on your mind. The stakes are high and your health is the prize. Your mind has a direct impact upon your body and the images and messages you hear and see, play an important role in your ability to think for yourself.

This indigestion remedy page and the other two pages depict a subject that is in the top three categories of moneymaking drugs of all time. Billions are spent with virtually zero healing. One day the Book of Life will be opened and read out loud…One day?