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Help with acid reflux?

  1. Help with acid reflux?
  2. Video Get Rid of Heartburn and Acid Reflux With this Simple Techniques

1Аcid reflux

Ive had it for 4 years since i was 10. Ive noticed it has gotton worser and worse people say to eat an apple i ate an apple and it just made it a alot worse!! i feel as if i always have alot of mucas at the back of my mouth on the “soft pallet” its on and off ill have it for 3-4 days than it goes away for a week or two than comes back

sometimes its really bad but its different everytime i get it every single time i drink coke i get the reflux. i drink about 3- 4 cans of coke a day sometimes when i eat pizza i will drink up to 8 cans in 5 minutes since i feel really first

  1. 1. im not fat
  2. 2. i dont smoke.
  3. 3. i dont drink alchol.
  4. 4. i dont drink coffee ( only listed them since alot of people say that can cause it)

also when i get the reflux it feels like acid is comeing from my chest to my mouth it also feels really gassy i also get terrible chest pains so bad im about to faint but that happens like 3 times a year or less i can stand the reflux but everytime i get it i also get this terrible itchy feeling on the soft pallet of my mouth and on the side of my mouth its really itchy i like push it with my tongue to get releif but it lasts up to 3 days and i end up spitting like 5 ice cream containers of spit the spit does not have flem in it it has slimy see threw spit please help ive been to 10 different doctors one gave me antibiodicts and inflamation meds to do a test thing to see which ones work

the anti biodics did nothing but the inflamation worked really well i was cured for over 2 months untill i could not take them no more than that doc whent back to new zealand what should i do? i also get a pain in the heart and my heat is beating really fast and eversince this reflux every morning i wake up with a mouth full of spit i hate it.
Also when i eat pizza that has tomato sauce on it i get the itchy mouth and when i eat choclate which i hardly eat anyway i get alot of mucas even if i drink milk the only thing that doesnt give me mucas is water.

2Video Get Rid of Heartburn and Acid Reflux With this Simple Techniques