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Any Tips on How to Treat Chronic Acid Reflux (GERD)?

  1. How to Treat Chronic Acid Reflux (GERD)?
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1Acid Reflux (GERD)?

Here is a brief summary of myself. Im 24 years old and have had a chronic cough/throat clearing for 8 years now. Its usually worse at night and after I eat. The cough basically developed after I had a horrible sinus infection and allergic reaction to the drug minocycline (a pill i was taking at the time in 2003 to treat acne.) Since then I have been diagnosed with allergies to dust mites and grass. I underwent weekly allergy shots for 4 years while in college, never had any reactions.

I also have been getting tons of sinus infections each year and suffer post-nasal drip. I have seen two different ENT doctors, one at a University hospital and the second at a sinus specialist institute. I was diagnosed with a deviated nasal septum and underwent two different septoplasties (nasal surgeries to straighten the septum). The first was done in December of 2005, and the 2nd this January 2011. The doctors of the first one did not correct it fully, I feel great now though and can finally breathe through my nose well.

The problem is i still have this constant feeling of something in my throat and am coughing/clearing my throat all the time. I have seen a gastro doctor and had an endoscopy done in 2007 which showed no problems. I also had the 24 hour pH test done for acid reflux which came out positive so I know I have significant acid reflux. The doctor prescribed me nexium which i took one purple pill a day, nothing worked so later he had me taking two a day. Still the nexium is not making a difference.

My voice is often groggy and I think it sounds lower than it should (i used to sing a lot) so I saw a voice doctor and had a camera show images of my vocal chords which revealed drainage of some kind on my vocal chords, thus proving I am clearing my throat for a reason. He also said my vocal chords were red. However nothing was presented to me for treatment other than doing voice exercises, which are pointless.

How to Treat Chronic Acid Reflux (GERD)?

I am typing this out of pure frustration, having dealt with this for 8 years through much of the prime of my life. Of course by now Im used to persevering Ive been changing my eating habbits, I have been working out for over 4 years and in great shape physically, i have not tilted my bed but i do prop myself up on multiple pillows, I drink lots of water each day (carry around a swiss water bottle). I had a great social life in college, so this chronic GERD has not punctured my spirit, but it has dampened my dating life as I tend to push away long termed relationships as Im embarrassed of looking weak with a chronic cough.

Is there anybody out there who has any advice or tips on how to deal with and treat GERD and chronic cough? Any home remedies? I know there is a surgery but I have read many negative views on it and the GERD always seemed to come back to people who had it done,so thats not an option in my mind. Im currently done with college, earned my degree, and taking some time off to focus on my health issues before going on the job search so any advice would be much appreciated.

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