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All About Mind Power

If there is something in this world which has huge potential but is so complicated that science in all its advancement has not been able to grasp its strength and scope in its entirety, is that of the human mind. It is said that normally man only utilizes 10% of his brain. That being the case, can you even think of the immense possibilities if one could control his subconscious mind and utilized 100% of his mind power? The word ‘miracle’ might well have disappeared from the dictionary.

Since ancient age, various religions and cultures have prophesized the power of the mind. Age old sadhus, monks, spiritual gurus, monks and preachers have promoted the fact that reality is nothing but a product of the mind. The ancient monks were known to perform miracles, light up fires, caused rainfall, ascended from the ground while meditating, cured illnesses and even moved matter with their mind power. Are these all mere stories or is it really possible? Does your mind power have the ability to mould and create reality as you want it to be? The answer is yes.

In recent times, mind power as a subject has attracted a lot of attention. The newly awakened spirituality movement in the last decade has given rise to concepts such as the laws of attraction, affirmations, etc which promotes the concept of mind power. This quest of new age spirituality lies in realizing the universal truth and the highest potential of man and his mind.

The Law of Attraction states that you can attract almost anything and everything that you desire with the help of your mind power. Thus, according to this law, if you direct all your attention on something and believe from the core of your heart that it will happen, then your mind power will result in the object for your desire to get manifested in reality.

Moreover, since your thoughts are creating your reality, always remember that like attracts like. That is, the more you have positive thoughts, situations will manifest which will give you more positive thoughts. In the light of the above it should be said that affirmations are something if correctly practiced can show great results. That is, if you continuously affirm yourself that ‘I can do this job in 7 days’ or ‘I’m getting well’, then your subconscious mind gets convinced and the power of your faith affects the cosmos in a way so that your affirmations manifest in reality.

In increasing your mind power, meditation is one of the best techniques. Starting with basic meditation to increase one’s concentration power, work up towards the state where you can concentrate or focus more on a goal, visualize it in your mind’s eye and direct all your energy towards it. Once you start practicing this, gradually you will feel the increased awareness of your own self and ultimately gain control of your subconscious mind unleashing the power within.

It can be concluded that if you want your mind to take control and be powerful enough to shape your own fate then the way to go would be to start with affirmations and positive thinking, and then go up to more advanced meditation practices so as to make the law of attraction work for you.