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What can you eat after appendectomy

  1. What is the first 3 days after surgery
  2. Nutrition after appendectomy in the next 7 days
  3. What not to eat after appendectomy

    After an operation for appendicitis should prepare for the fact that one of the main restoration activities will be the diet, the observance of which will enable faster return to normal lifestyle restoring the functionality of the gastrointestinal tract. To understand what can you eat after appendicitis should consult a doctor who will give recommendations based on the study of the medical history of the patient. In General, the diet lasts 14 days, and its duration will depend on the absence or presence of complications after surgery.

    The most important and challenging first 24 hours after surgery. During this period the patient is prohibited to eat and drink, the maximum that can moisten dry lips. During this period the body needs to devote more resources to recovery.

    What is the first 3 days after surgery

    As already mentioned, eating and drinking forbidden but the appetite of the patient and so will not be.

    If operated feeling good at the end of the first day you can give a little low-fat chicken broth, sweet fruit jelly or rice-water.

    In the diet the next 2 days are allowed to include

    • low-fat chicken broth
    • mashed potatoes
    • rice, boiled in water
    • pumpkin or squash puree
    • natural yogurt (plain, unsweetened and low-fat)
    • boiled pureed chicken.

    Is allowed in small portions about 5-6 times a day.

    Nutrition after appendectomy in the next 7 days

    After 3 days after appendectomy the patient’s diet should be based only on fresh products, prepared in the form of very liquid soups or porridges.

    This will reduce the load on the intestines and stomach. It is important to eat mostly broth, cooked on the basis of chicken meat. This is the lean meat type relating to dietetic products. The chicken is well absorbed and is relatively inexpensive.

    Benefit of vegetable puree on the basis of courgettes, potatoes, beets, carrots. As cereals you can use some rice. In the above-mentioned products contain vitamins A and C, positively influencing the recovery of the body, promotes rapid healing of internal tissues. To prepare the soup should boil all the ingredients and mix them in a blender and puree to a liquid state. To improve digestion can add to the finished soup dill and parsley.

    Don’t forget about fluid intake, which is also very important to restore the digestive system. You can drink water and natural juices, herbal teas, fruit drinks homemade. The juice is also better to cook at home. If you can not do it, better not to buy them in the store, but to limit daily consumption of 1.5 liters of plain water.

    The more days passes since the operation, the wider may be on the menu.

    After 2-3 days, in addition to cereals and chicken meat, you can give dairy products kefir, unsweetened cottage cheese, natural yoghurt preparation with bifidobacteria. These foods are easily digested, without provoking negative reactions from the intestines and stomach.

    It is not excluded that bed rest of the patient can affect the appearance of his constipation (also can trigger some medications). In such cases the diet should introduce fibre dried fruit, boiled carrots, rose hips (in the form of broth), baked apples. In any case, you should first consult with


    A quick recovery of the body provokes a source of beta-carotene a pumpkin. The group of vitamins consisting of pumpkin has beneficial effects on blood clotting, accelerates the metabolism and increases the digestibility of all products. To use the pumpkin should be in the form of porridge or soup.

    In General, the list of what you can eat after removal of appendicitis may be different and depends on the characteristics of each patient. The diet can be adjusted depending on the postoperative condition, a proper diet and schedule of medications and other doctor’s appointments.

    What not to eat after appendectomy

    It is important to take care of compiling the list of banned products so it will be easier to stick to the right diet. The most important thing to minimize the level of salt consumption, but it is best to abandon it for 14 days. The same goes for spices (includes pepper) they will cause a negative reaction from the gastrointestinal tract and may prolong the recovery period.

    Be sure to exclude from the diet of beans, peas, beans and tomatoes. They are able to trigger intestinal colic, flatulence and spasms. Given the presence of stitches, except for the discomfort it will cause and pain.

    At least 14 days after operations for appendicitis should abandon smoked, fatty meat, sausages (smoked and cooked), mayonnaise, ketchup and sauces. These are products for the digestion of which the body needs significant expenditure of energy and she needs to be focused on postoperative recovery. If you ignore a ban, the food will be digested for a long time and will provoke complications, including suture line disruption or festering.

    Carbonated beverages (including carbonated mineral water) should also be excluded from the diet for the entire recovery period. In addition to prohibited and permitted foods are those that do not belong to any of these groups. It’s dried fruits, honey, fermented baked milk or yogurt, etc. about the possibility of their use be sure to consult with your doctor.

    What can you eat after appendicitis or the diet for a week

    The first day (24 hours after surgery)

    For Breakfast a Cup of tea without sugar cookies Maria (1 piece). On the second Breakfast of juice, water or tea. For lunch the chicken broth, rice or porridge on the water without oil. Drink mineral water or tea without sugar (or fresh juice). In the afternoon water, juice or tea. For dinner, tea and 1 biscuit Maria (instead of low-fat yogurt).

    The second day

    Breakfast – unsalted nut cereal (buckwheat, oats, corn or barley) without butter. Unsweetened tea with sweet biscuits or bran. For lunch, water without gas or fresh juice. For lunch soup with a small amount of meat and potatoes (chopped, puree), braised cabbage no tomato paste, water or tea. In the afternoon pudding or low-fat yogurt. For dinner any porridge on the water without oil. Fat-free yogurt.

    The third day

    For Breakfast dairy-free oat or millet porridge (lightly salted), 1 hard-boiled egg, unsweetened tea and a few crackers. Lunch tea with cookies, fruit juice, water without gas. Lunch chicken broth with carrots and potatoes, rice porridge on the water without butter, but slightly salted, stewed fruit. In the afternoon pudding or low-fat yogurt. For dinner, oatmeal with boiled fish. Tea or water without gas.

    The fourth day

    For Breakfast dairy-free oatmeal without butter (lightly salt). A piece of bread with cheese and tea with half a teaspoon of sugar. On the second day with fresh juice and biscuits. Lunch vegetable soup, buckwheat porridge with chicken meatballs steamed rye bread and stewed apples. Afternoon snack low-fat yogurt or jelly. For dinner a little braised cabbage with pieces of chicken meat, low-fat yogurt or tea.

    The fifth day

    For Breakfast wheat porridge on the water (fifth day you can add a small amount of butter), a little sweetened tea, dry biscuits. On the second Breakfast biscuit and fresh juice. For lunch we had vegetable soup in chicken broth with a small amount of rice, pumpkin porridge with steam fish cakes, rye bread, sweetened tea or stewed fruit. Afternoon snack low-fat yogurt or jelly. For dinner, buckwheat porridge on the water, slightly salted and lightly seasoned with butter, steam fish cakes, sweet tea and cookies by Maria.

    The sixth day

    Breakfast buckwheat porridge on the water with a small piece of butter, a loaf of cheese, sweetened tea. For lunch, water or fresh juice, biscuits. Lunch vegetable soup with chicken broth, braised cabbage with chicken without the tomato sauce, rye bread, tea. In the afternoon pudding or low-fat yogurt. Dinner cottage cheese casserole without sour cream, tea with biscuits or a loaf of bread.

    In the first month after appendicitis is forbidden to eat fresh fruits, legumes, and milk (all of these foods stimulate gas, which is very desirable). The main rule is to use as many products as possible, contributing to the restoration of the gastrointestinal tract and not to load the stomach at least the first 2 weeks after surgery.