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  1. Reasons
  2. Symptoms
  3. Diagnosis
  4. Treatment


is a chronic disease developing in the intervertebral discs, as a result of leaching from the composition of the ligaments of lime on the plots of their accession to the vertebrae. In medical practice it is accepted to distinguish several types of spondylosis thoracic, cervical and lumbar.

Medical professionals divide the disease into types, depending on the part of the spine, which was subjected to defeat

cervical spondylosis develops in workers who are engaged in intellectual work, constantly engaged in sedentary work. In addition to permanent pain accompanies the victim and his constant companions jump in blood pressure, dizziness, noise and headaches, impaired vision.

thoracic spondylosis separately in practice almost never occurs. It can develop as a result of cervical or lumbar spondylosis. Its development is accompanied by unilateral pain, which spread across the chest

spondylosis deformans in its development can be attributed to degenerative disorders of the bone tissue. Simultaneously with its development is the violation of the small joints adjacent to the spine, and their violation leads to the development of ankylosis

lumbar spondylosis affects the appearance of the lower part of the spine. Spinal discs expand, and begin to irritate the nerve endings, and that entails a constant aching pain. Patients with this diagnosis occur attacks of limping, pain in the hips during movement, the pain can give in the legs.


The causes of the disease include

  • received small micro-injuries and serious spinal injuries
  • what is happening in the body metabolic processes
  • age-related changes
  • large overload of the spine.


At the initial stages of spondylosis of the spine develops without obvious symptoms, however there may be some limitation. Deformed section of the spine most exposed to stress.

With the disease of spondylosis, the symptoms are is a manifestation of

  • constant heaviness on the spinal area, and gnawing pain in a disadvantaged area, having a clear localization
  • in the area of the spine, there is a wide muscle tension, which leads to reduction of the depreciation of the spine, but leads to its rectification
  • very often pain from compression of nervous processes the patient experiences not only the day but also at night. Moreover, the position of the body does not matter.


Diagnosis of spondylosis of vklyuchayuthie

  • x-ray
  • computed tomography
  • magnetic resonance imaging.


Spondylosis, treatment begins with the elimination of painful symptoms and relieve the inflammatory process, in fact quite intractable. In the initial phase of treatment anti-inflammatory therapy and are prescribed pain medication. At the same time can be carried out and a course of physiotherapy. One of the most proven and brings substantial relief is recognized as ultrasound, electrophoresis, diadynamic currents.

The positive effect is achieved almost immediately after a course of rehabilitation. This is due to the increase in distance between the vertebral spaces, improve blood flow, reduce pressure on the vertebrae cartilage and thereby improve their nutrition. Proved and efficacy of manual therapy, but it is not the primary treatment because working only by hand, to change the structure of the vertebra it is impossible, and the symptoms remain the same. But the chiropractor carries out the unlocking of the joints of the vertebrae, and this can relieve painful symptoms and leading to improved circulation.

Individually can be given medication that contains chondroprotectors-substances that increase the elasticity of the cartilage and gives the cartilage structure of the desired strength. This therapy aims to prevent relapses and to those patients who by force of circumstances compelled to remain long in a sitting position.

Along with the drugs, they are shown a special preventive of physical education and a course of massage treatments. There is a benefit from acupuncture, such techniques relieve increased muscle tone back. Spondylosis of the lumbar spine can occur with complications, then it will be helpful girudoterapevt. The use of leeches gives the most beneficial effect and quickly reduces swelling.

For severe pathologies is assigned to shock-wave therapy and the course of electrophoresis fluoride with calcium. Further treatment continues after the relief of pain is assigned to system physical rehabilitation, it gives the opportunity to fix the effect and to prevent relapse. With the passage of the physical activity increases muscle activity, improves blood flow and maintains optimal activity of muscle function. When assigning physical activity individually calculated load and at various stages of the disease are assigned to different types of exercise.

Carrying out of all physical activity carried out in the absence of load on the spine in the supine position or on all fours. Some types of load are permitted to carry out standing, if you clear the pain. If nagging pain persists then the patient is recommended to use special orthopedic brace. Spondylosis of the cervical tribulating attention, it is forbidden to do gymnastics, and intense massage. Stretching the spine can be used as a last resort, when all the classic treatments you have already tried and not brought a positive result. In severe cases and is surgery. It should be noted that in the long course of the disease and delayed treatment, spondylosis can lead to the emergence of various chronic diseases, and sometimes completely leads to the immobilization of a person.