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  1. Causes of lymphangiectasia
  2. Symptoms
  3. Diagnosis and treatment of lymphangiectasia


this disease is associated with enlargement of the lymph vessels of the extremities, the abdominal and thoracic cavities due to circulatory disorders. In this disease the lymphatic vessels dilate, and the affected organ swelling. The disease can be a local it affects submucosal and serous membrane. Impaired synthesis of albumin due to an insufficient supply of amino acids. Due to the loss of lymphocytes lymphopenia develops.

Causes of lymphangiectasia

Lymphangiectasia can be congenital and acquired disease. Congenital disease characterized by an increase in collector lymphatic vessels. Acquired lymphangiectasia can occur after injuries, inflammatory processes, which may damage the path of lymphatic drainage at the level of the main lymph nodes.


The main symptoms of lymphangiectasia are

  • otechny syndrome
  • cramps
  • weakness
  • fatigue
  • the loss of body weight
  • lymph edema of the limbs, genital organs.

Diagnosis and treatment of lymphangiectasia

The diagnosis is usually put on the basis of history. Also used radioisotope investigations blood and lymphatic circulation, and also carried out biochemical analyses.

As treatment bandaging the affected limb with elastic bandage. Also important is the observance of a rational regime which is aimed at reducing congestion. This can be a sparing motor mode or periodic rest in the position of a raised limb.

The surgical treatment is excision of the scars that impede lymph flow, ligation of the arterial trunks 2-3rd order. Using overlay direct lymphovenous anastomoses exist the possibility of creating new ways of outflow of lymph, which positively affects on the health of the patient. In General, the prognosis is relatively favorable. Decisive in this case, factors include not only the timing of the treatment, but also the etiology of the disease.

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