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Drug addiction

  1. Reasons
  2. Drug use
  3. Symptoms
  4. Diagnosis
  5. Treatment
  6. Prevention

Drug addiction

refers to diseases that involve pathological human to psychoactive substances. Inexorable statistics daily fix of drug dependent people.


To date, the causes of drug addiction known to their full extent. One of the main reasons for the development of addictions dissatisfaction with life, which may be the result of the wrong combination of genes. The latter does not allow the person to feel comfortable in this world and motivates him to find ways to fill domestic shortages. Often, this dissatisfaction begins in childhood and over the years makes itself felt. For example, as they Mature the child’s behavior changing for the worse, he begins to use drugs. So there is teenage drug addiction is one seeks to find a way of short-term satisfaction and returns to it again and again to re-experience a sense of relief.

Another common cause of development of drug dependence wrong education and the tense situation in the family. Drug addiction often affects children from single-parent and disadvantaged families. The development of addictions contributes to misunderstanding between parents, lack of emotional intimacy and trust between family members. As practice shows, the probability of a child addict in the family is almost two times higher.

Drug use

Conventionally, the addiction is divided into two forms physical and psychological.

Psychological dependence is built on the painful desire of man from time to time or continuously to remove harmful mental state by using drugs. It occurs when repeated drug use, but even one-time use dependent drugs do not guarantee protection against psychological addiction. Sun individually.

In psychological dependence can include the subtype of compulsive addiction, when the patient’s condition deteriorating human under the influence of any pathological process. Psychological and compulsive different from each other. In particular, the first accompanied by thoughts about the drug, which is why there is an urgent need of his admission, deteriorating mood and evident dissatisfaction. The second is characterized by an irresistible desire of receiving the drug, which completely covers the and directs patients.

Physical addiction is characterized by the condition of the patient, when all systems of the body reconstructed due to prolonged drug use. This dependence manifests itself in physical and mental abnormalities with discontinuation of the drug, it required neutralization with specific antagonists. Such violations may be a syndrome of withdrawal or abstinence syndrome. Relief of these deviations occurs when the resumption of flow in the body of the same drug. Depending on the drug withdrawal syndrome is accompanied by various clinical picture, but not all types of drugs with chronic use provoke physical dependence.

Drugs that cause addiction

  • amphetamine and methamphetamine
  • opiates
  • phenmetrazine
  • cocaine
  • gasin
  • heroin, methadone, morphine, meliden
  • ephedrine methamphetamine
  • analogue ephedrone amfepramone
  • 4-methylaminorex
  • design drugs (fentanyl and its analogues, MDMA).


To identify signs of drug abuse can not only patients with the experience stand out from the crowd. But the beginner who use drugs are hard to recognize.

Drug addicts experience can be distinguished on the basis of

  • slouch
  • detached and empty eyes
  • slow and slurred speech
  • wide or narrow pupils, regardless of lighting
  • dry hair, broken teeth, swollen hands
  • irritability
  • wearing long sleeves in any weather (to hide needle marks). Usually sores from the needles remain on the back side of the brush, but the majority of drug injections over the body, even in the bark of the head. After the injection remain tight areas barbato blue
  • clumsy and slow movement.

Indirect signs may be suspected people who are in frequent contact with drug-addicted person. In recent years the problem of drug addiction became widely spread among adolescents. Parents should be particularly attentive to the following points, which can speak about the passion baby drugs

  • a sharp change in mood or appearance mood that fits the situation
  • violation of sleep, which was not observed previously
  • increased stealth
  • a sharp decline in academic achievement and drooping interest in everything
  • suspicious friends or strangers, secret conversations with them
  • loss of interest in favorite activities, unjustified absences
  • the loss of money and increased the need for funds for spending
  • the needle marks.


Consequences of addiction sooner or later will manifest itself, because the sooner addiction is detected the better. There are numerous ways of determining, of person uses drugs or not. To the standard diagnostic techniques include tests of urine and blood.


As addiction has spread among teenagers, it

it is necessary to spend correctly in a timely manner and, most important, not to lose time. To help in the fight against drug addiction can

who have extensive experience with drug addicts.

In the General case, the treatment is in several stages and several events that include

  • correction of mental disorders, detoxification for the normalization of somatoneurological disorders in all body systems
  • the restoration of behavioral and metabolic abnormalities, normalization of mental status
  • the definition of the main causes of the syndrome of mental dependence directly from drugs and further therapy
  • prevention of recurrence and to identify the conditions under which dependence may return. The purpose of anti-relapse therapy.


Prevention of drug dependence should be carried out in schools in order to form a concept about the true effects of drugs on the body. As a rule, it includes a range of activities aimed at the spread of addiction in society.