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Diaper dermatitis

  1. Symptoms
  2. Reasons
  3. Diagnosis
  4. Treatment

Diaper dermatitis (dermatitis Gluteal)

the appearance on the skin of the buttocks of the child, various symptoms of irritation (rash, redness, itching). Nappy rash in children is a fairly common disease, which occurs in 50% of children during the first two years of their life (mostly aged 612 months).


  • redness on the buttocks
  • rash, which may be in the form of spots or bubbles. If a baby has Candida diaper dermatitis, the rash may be bright red shade
  • further, the bubbles can burst of them may be released from the liquid, and in this way the skin gets wet maceration
  • the rash can also itch. The child becomes restless, may appear violations in her sleep.


Causes of a mechanical nature

  • irritation of the skin underwear or diapers, if they are tight, tough or pressing
  • prolonged irritation of the skin with urine, feces or sweat in case of untimely use of diapers or use those that do not leak air.

Causes of chemical nature

  • skin irritation the substance is ammonia, which is a considerable number holds the urine and feces of children suffering from rickets
  • irritation due to use of poor toxic Laundry detergent for washing diapers.

Physiological causes

  • individual features of the structure of the skin of the child
  • the content of moisture in the skin
  • the level of ease of injury to the skin.

Diaper dermatitis in infants may develop due to the fact that the baby’s skin can be infected by bacteria or fungi.


Analysis of complaints and the disease anamnesis (survey of parents)

  • redness of the skin of the baby
  • the appearance of the rash
  • the child is restless.

You may also need the advice of a pediatric dermatologist.


Treatment of diaper dermatitis in infants involves the following methods

  • bathing baby every day
  • the use of baths with medicinal herbs (oak bark, celandine, chamomile decoction), if an allergic reaction to them do not exist
  • disinfection of the skin that is affected with the help of antiseptics. For example, it can be baby antibacterial soap
  • drawing on irritated skin, baby powder
  • air bath (the child’s need to strip naked)
  • lubrication of the skin of the baby against irritations funds
  • if associated infection, use an antibacterial ointment (as prescribed by the specialist).


  • there is a possibility of infection of irritated skin bacteria, may develop purulent inflammation. There may be antibiotic therapy
  • accession fungal flora. In this case, shown antifungal or combination of funds in case of pronounced inflammation.


The main method of preventing breech or diaper dermatitis is a careful care of the baby, subject to all the rules of hygiene

  • daily bathing of the child
  • use only clean sheets of soft materials, timely change diapers
  • apply underwear and diapers of the right size to prevent pinching and chafing
  • the washing away of the baby immediately after the separation of feces each time after changing diapers
  • drawing on sweaty skin areas and places with strong friction baby cream
  • in the case of high perspiration dusting of baby skin baby powder (on the same skin area do not need to use cream and powder)
  • preventing any injury to the skin and the ingress of dirt
  • prevention of rickets (in accordance with the recommendations of the pediatrician). Rickets a disease of early childhood, which is associated with a lack of vitamin D, minerals and essential amino acids.