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Causes of Eye Pain

Causes of Eye Pain

Causes of eye pain are divided into two different categories; orbital pain and ocular pain. People with ocular pain suffer from pain or aching behind the eyes. Frequently, this pain is caused by one of many eye diseases. Ocular pain occurs in the outside of the surface of the eye, or the structures that form it.

Most of these forms of pain are temporary, or at least not related to chronic disease.

Problems That Cause Ocular Eye Pain

One of the leading causes of ocular pain is conjunctivitis. This is simply an irritation or infection of the conjunctiva which is the thin membrane that lines the eyeball. A common form of conjunctivitis is pink eye, though it may also be caused by chemical irritation or allergic reactions.

Injuries to the cornea, the transparent surface of your eye, also cause ocular pain. Corneal abrasions occur when you scratch your eye or get something in it. This can also be caused by contact lenses. Corneal ulceration’s occur from infections or punctures by foreign objects. The eye pain caused by the two is similar, but the ulceration may be more severe.

Anytime your eyelid becomes infected or inflamed, you will have eye pain to some degree. The most common cause of this is a sty, which occurs when dirt gets into the follicle of your eyelash and causes the follicle to clog and get infected. Another cause is Blephartis, which is similar to a sty but will feel harder and will not be as painful.

Finally, chemical burns or damage from UV rays can cause ocular eye pain. Chemical burns can be caused by contact with household chemicals or even the fumes so it is important to always wear protective eye wear and keep the area well-ventilated when working with products such as bleach. UV damage can be caused by exposure to the sun, tanning beds, or even glare from snow, sand or concrete. To avoid this, wear sunglasses when you’re outside and protective goggles in the tanning bed.

Problems That Cause Orbital Eye Pain

There are several disorders and injuries that can cause orbital pain but probably the most common are the ones that are caused by inflammation of some part of the eye. Iritis is an inflammation of the iris, or the colored part of your eye. This will cause pain deep in your eye. Similarly, optic neuritis is when your optic nerve becomes inflamed. Some causes of this are multiple sclerosis and various infections. Finally, sinusitis is an inflammation of your sinuses and will cause pressure and pain behind your eyes.

Glaucoma, a disorder that is caused by increased pressure inside of your eye, may cause orbital pain though this is uncommon. Traumatic events such as car accidents or severe eye trauma are leading causes of orbital pain as well. Finally, migraine headaches, regardless of their cause, will cause orbital pain behind your eyes.

There are many causes of eye pain and many of them are transient, but if your discomfort lasts for more than a day or two, becomes intolerable, is accompanied by other symptoms such as fever or heat in your eye, or causes blurred or reduced vision, call your eye doctor and get on some eye supplements because frequently, eye issues can be fixed if caught immediately but can cause permanent damage or loss of vision if left untreated.