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Causes and treatment of pink lichen in humans

  1. Causes of pink lichen
  2. Symptoms of pink lichen
  3. How to cure pityriasis rosea?
  4. Folk remedies for the treatment of pink lichen
  5. Pityriasis rosea in children

    Pityriasis rosea is a skin disease, which manifests itself in the form of a spotted rash. Is an infectious-allergic disease. Pityriasis rosea is contagious or no question the answer to which scientists have not yet found. Ringworm Gibert, according to some experts, is transmitted from person to person, through household items (bedding, towels, etc.) or in contact with the patient. It is worth remembering that this version has not been confirmed scientifically, and is an assumption physicians.

    Pink ringworm Gibert often affects people aged 10-55 years and on average the disease lasts 4-6 weeks, but sometimes up to 6 months and may become chronic. Pink zoster, the causes of which lie in the reduced immunity and colds, treats skin diseases of the group of erythema (infection). He exposed men and women.

    The disease is considered to be disposable after a person is they have been ill, more pityriasis rosea patient is not threatened.

    Causes of pink lichen

    Pink zoster, the causes of which are uncertain, has several hypotheses on the spread of

    • damage to the covering of the skin (external)
    • pityriasis versicolor develops due to herpesvirus type 6 and 7 more often type (was revealed at an early stage of the disease in active form)
    • ringworm appears after a cold.

    Pink zoster, the cause of which, as suggested by doctors, also rooted in stress and hypothermia often occurs in people with weakened immune systems.

    Ringworm Gibert noted more often in autumn and spring, due to the weakening of the immune system of people in these periods. In addition, pityriasis rosea is characterized by bezretidivnogo and cycles that, according to some scientists, due to the development of immunity.

    Symptoms of pink lichen

    Pityriasis rosea, symptoms of which are well studied, usually begins after a cold (or its background) with the appearance of pink spots round shape on the skin. Its diameter is 2 cm or more (parent plaque), and its Central part becomes yellow in shade, wrinkled and starting to peel off. Often appears on the chest.

    In addition, worse overall health, disturbed sleep and appetite, increased body temperature. Can increase some of the lymph nodes.

    Often, after the appearance of such isolated spots in a few days on the skin of the limbs and trunk you will notice many smaller pink patches of oval shape. Their diameter is 0.5-1 cm, and they are located along the lines of Langer (lines of skin tension). Over time, the center of the spots dry folded scales, to see which are quite difficult, and on the periphery of the located edges, free from scales.

    Pityriasis rosea, symptoms of which are harmless enough, if not properly treated can cause eczema. It is often confused with some other diseases, so in order to be diagnosed accurately, it is necessary to consult a doctor (dermatologist).

    How to cure pityriasis rosea?

    Treatment pink lichen in humans is not clearly developed by doctors. Pityriasis versicolor, the treatment of which it is desirable to produce, very often goes away. As soon as the secondary rash, keep the affected areas of the skin avoid pressure and friction (for example, clothing), which can cause pityriasis versicolor in humans irritated form.

    With strong itching, which causes pityriasis rosea Gibert, treatment is based on the following drugs

    • nizkozolnye corticosteroids (topically)
    • antihistamines
    • protivozudnam mixtures (prescription).

    If you wish, as quickly as possible to eliminate pityriasis rosea, treatment of disease should be based on the use of immunomodulator Likopid (1 tablet of 10 mg for 10 days).

    By and large the most popular question patients I Have pityriasis rosea, how to treat the disease? has a pretty clear answer.

    Pink ringworm Gibert will leave the man permanently, if you make the following manipulation

    • you need to take a shower, abandoning the washcloth
    • it is advisable to visit a Solarium (approximately 10 sessions for 3-5 minutes)
    • kvartsevanie skin
    • tan in moderation (can replace the Solarium and kvartsevanie).

    Pityriasis rosea, the symptoms of which I want to completely remove, also treated with Bepanthen cream and Fenistil gel (antipruritic agent).

    Studies have been conducted, according to which in the first days of the appearance of the disease taking acyclovir and erythromycin and UV irradiation lead to a more uncomplicated and rapid course of the disease.

    After successful treatment you need to apply vitamins (Aflubin, Vetoron-E).

    In General, the treatment of pink lichen is as follows

    • the adoption of antihistamines relieves itching
    • hypoallergenic diet
    • the use of topically antipruritic agents (e.g. Fenistil gel) and corticosteroid ointments for the advice of a doctor
    • it is necessary to abandon the use of alcohol, which may worsen the patient’s condition
    • the number of cosmetic products applied to the body, it is necessary to limit
    • use of immunomodulators (Likopid)
    • application of vitamins (Aflubin, Vetoron-E)
    • recommended sunbathing, kvartsevanie or Solarium.

    On the skin after an illness of about a month noticeable spots, passing of time by themselves.

    Moreover, it is strictly forbidden to comb areas of the skin affected by ringworm, wear synthetic and woolen fabrics, and also to prevent large mental and physical burden.

    Folk remedies for the treatment of pink lichen

    There are several folk remedies that can help relieve itching and discomfort during an illness

    • Calendula ointment relieves itching. To make it at home, you need to take about 10 grams of marigold flowers (dried), grind them and mix with 50 grams of vaseline. The tool you need to use it 2-3 times a day, applying ointment on the affected areas of the skin
    • Itching caused by ringworm pink, you can shoot with a cabbage leaf. It is necessary to smear cream and apply to the skin until the cream is completely dry, then replace with fresh
    • Ringworm can be lubricated with various oils (St. John’s wort, sea buckthorn, peach) and ointments with talc, glycerin, zinc oxide, which can be purchased at any pharmacy.

    Pityriasis rosea in children

    Pityriasis rosea in children occurs quite often, because it affects people from the age of 10. Moreover, it occurs in children more often than adults, so pityriasis rosea in children, treatment is also necessary, should be diagnosed by a doctor. More often in girls, and after the disease, it produces immunity, which does not allow to get sick again.

    Parents usually notice the pink zoster in children after the appearance of characteristic spots and to predict the occurrence of the disease almost impossible. The baby may have a fever, a malaise, but only a pink spot on the body of the child says that he didn’t get sick with cold-related diseases, namely pink ringworm Gibert.

    Weak immunity is a major reason why appears pityriasis rosea in children. If parents notice a rash of pink on the body of the child, it is better to show it to a dermatologist, who will diagnose and tell you about how to treat pityriasis rosea in children.

    Treatment pink lichen in children

    • vitamin the drug Askorutin, consisting of vitamins P and C strengthens blood vessels and improves the body’s resistance
    • Fenistil is an antihistamine that helps relieve itching
    • cotton clothing and synthetic must be abandoned at the time of illness
    • hypoallergenic diet
    • it is forbidden to bathe baby in the tub. Doctors recommend washing children with pink lichen in the shower without soap and as little as possible
    • it is better to limit the time that a child spends in the sun.