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Atherosclerotic heart disease

  1. Causes and prevalence of the disease
  2. Symptoms of atherosclerotic heart disease
  3. Treatment of atherosclerotic heart disease

Atherosclerotic heart disease

a kind of ischemic heart disease. Most frequently occurs after coronary artery atherosclerosis. The disease is characterized by deposition on the walls of the coronary arteries of cholesterol plaques which eventually block blood vessels which leads to poor circulation and tissue death.

Causes and prevalence of the disease

The exact causes of atherosclerotic heart disease is not established. One of the most common theories described above the process of accumulation of cholesterol (LDL) in the vascular walls of the coronary arteries. Factors that predispose the development of the disease

  • Smoking
  • hormonal disturbances
  • physical inactivity (lack of exercise for the body)
  • menopause
  • .

Atherosclerotic heart disease the most common cause of mortality. The disease included in the list of the most relevant health problems of the 21st century and is being carefully studied by physicians around the world.

Symptoms of atherosclerotic heart disease

The main symptoms of heart failure, coronary artery disease, angina, arrhythmias. Against this background, developing heart failure. Typical sensations of pain behind the breastbone, weakness. Often patients are diagnosed with hypertensive crisis or high blood pressure. Often atherosclerotic heart disease leads to sudden death.

For the diagnosis of atherosclerotic heart disease and various methods of electrocardiography, ultrasound of the heart, the text on the content of cholesterol in the blood, duplex and triplex scanning, MRI, coronary angiogram etc.

Treatment of atherosclerotic heart disease

Methods of treatment varied and matched to the individual characteristics of each patient. The complex techniques include diet, physiotherapy, therapeutic exercise, measures weight, intake of drugs to lower cholesterol. In severe cases is surgical removal of atherosclerotic plaques or of the portion of the vessel. Patients predisposed to atherosclerotic heart disease, is recommended observation by specialists and preventive measures (weight reduction, physical activity, review of diet, etc.).

For the diagnosis and treatment of atherosclerotic heart disease should consult

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