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Alcohol poisoning

  1. Reasons
  2. Symptoms
  3. Diagnosis
  4. Treatment

In moderation alcohol causes a slight feeling of euphoria, elation and freedom. That is why alcohol is so popular. With increasing doses of alcohol there is a loss of adequacy of perception, disappears self-control. And the loss of self-control entails excessive use of alcoholic beverages that are to human poison. Gradually begin to show signs

alcohol poisoning

. The amount of alcohol required for the manifestation of signs of poisoning, strictly individually. Some people have severe alcohol poisoning can occur even when used in small quantities.


Causes of alcohol poisoning are excessive alcohol consumption and use of poor quality substitutes.


The first symptoms of alcohol poisoning excessive sweating, rapid pulse, Shine in the eyes, redness of the skin. When a person is drunk, he begins to speak loudly, it raises the self-esteem and decreasing concentration. If alcohol is stopped at this stage, the alcohol poisoning will not be strong and will only become apparent the next day as a hangover. The best way to get rid of this condition is a Cup of hot tea or coffee with lemon. Also it will be useful to take a bath to cleanse the body of waste products through sweating.

If you continue to drink alcohol, may occur in another stage of poisoning, which is more heavy to carry. She has the following symptoms vomiting, disorientation, difficulty breathing, and movement. In this case, acute alcohol poisoning can cause paralysis of the respiratory center and cause death.


To identify alcohol poisoning by medical history and initial examination the doctor.


If you experience alcohol poisoning, call an ambulance. If you act quickly and correctly, it is possible to save man, even in severe poisoning. Therefore, before arrival of doctors the patient must give first aid.

As with all other types of poisoning, first and foremost, the patient must cover, as in alcoholic intoxication, the body begins to lose heat by expanding blood vessels. Then it is necessary to clear the stomach of the patient from alcohol, causing vomiting. In this case the victim is useful to turn to the side. After vomiting the patient must give 20 tablets of activated charcoal.

If the patient is unconscious, gastric lavage can not be, otherwise he could choke. Before arrival of doctors it is necessary to ensure that the victim’s tongue weren’t, and in the event of sudden vomiting, he choked. If the patient stopped breathing, you must give him artificial respiration.

Another symptom of acute alcohol poisoning is coma. It can be recognized by a bluish complexion, cold sticky skin, thready pulse and gusty breathing. This condition requires immediate medical intervention.

Alcoholic coma can occur when the amount of alcohol in the blood will make up more than 0.3 percent.

Poisoning surrogate alcohol

Alcohol surrogates is a fluid not intended for ingestion. These include cosmetics, household chemicals, automotive fluids and drugs. They present a large number of substances that have adverse effects on the liver and brain of man.

Distinguish substitutes containing ethyl and methyl alcohol. The first threat only by the presence of harmful additives. Methyl alcohol is dangerous because it decomposes in the organism with release of toxic substances leading to poisoning.

Counterfeit alcoholic drinks are also among the substitutes. Their production technology is broken, with the result that they there are additional impurities which can be dangerous to humans.

There are signs, characteristic for poisoning surrogate alcohol. These include nausea, dizziness, slurred speech and loss of coordination.

Poisoning methyl alcohol is characterized by the pulsation in the temples, pain in the abdomen, the appearance of vomiting. The state at any time could deteriorate and an urgent need to bring the patient to the doctor. If this is not done, then the victim may experience partial loss of hearing, vision, seizures, coma that can lead to death.

First aid if poisoning surrogate alcohol is no different from aid if poisoning conventional. If the patient is conscious, the first thing with alcohol poisoning should induce vomiting to the remains of the alcohol continued to have a detrimental effect on the body.

When the patient is slight alcohol poisoning, the treatment can be performed at home. If you have any difficulties with the arrival of an ambulance is necessary every 2 hours to give the victim 50 ml of 30% ethanol of 4 times a day. Gastric lavage must be done regularly for three days. If poisoned loses consciousness, it is necessary to bring to his nose ammonia and to ensure a good oxygen supply in the room where it is located.

In order not to get alcohol poisoning, you should drink alcoholic beverages in small quantities, do not use cheap, poor quality alcohol.