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Heart Problems Symptoms Preventing Heart Attacks

Heart Problems Symptoms / Preventing Heart Attacks a little background

The American Heart Association compiles a grim list of statistics of victims of heart attacks?1 in 4 people (men and women) will die from a heart attack?.5 million people live with heart pain (angina), 400,000 new case of angina pectoris are diagnosed each year, 40% of people who experience a heart attack will die within one year of experiencing a heart attack?

These arent just numbers?they represent real people? with real families? and real lives. And its just some statistic?until it happens to you.

I have spent almost thirty years talking to people who have had heart attacks. It changes youbefore the heart attack a man may have self-doubts about certain things?he may not feel so virile at times?he may not feel like the top dog all the timebut inside he feels reasonably okaybut not so after a heart attackthe experience is life changingyour life does flash before your eyes?and after that some say, nothings the same?you want sex but youre afraid of stressing your heart?you go to run up those stairs and the pain of the heart attack still haunts you like a ghost?you pull backwhereas you never did before?

Everybody talks about preventing heart attacks to save lives? but I want to save how people feel about their lives? I want to save the quality of their lives?I dont want them to lose the inner strength they havetheir ability to say inside, Ive still got it!?

Spending time with people after heart attacks has influenced me to work the rest of my life helping others to prevent heart attacks? because it is much more than a physical issue? heart attacks affect the inner heartthe soul? and thats why heart attacks are my enemy?

(Before you proceed further on this page, you may want to go to my What is A Heart Attack? page to learn how a heart attack occurs in the first place. This will give you foundation knowledge to understand why I suggest certain nutrients to prevent heart attacks.)

Please bear in mind that the major influence for preventing heart attacks is this: the heart is never as strong again after a heart attack. A heart attack severely damages the heart even if the affected areas are not labeled permanently damaged? Like the brain that is choked of oxygen during a stroke, or brain aneurysm, the deprivation of oxygen severely damages the coronary tissues and it is never the same. Tissue necrosis (tissue death) is the resultso make no mistake? the PREVENTION of a heart attack is the absolute key?

Forgive me? I am not impressed with our high tech approach to dealing with patients AFTER they have suffered a heart attackall the medical advances in surgery and even transplantation will not restore what is vital to the personyou cannot fix the sadness these people feel insidethe feeling that my life will never be the same again? that inner haunting that I will never feel as strong as I once didmodern medicine cannot restore that loss?

It is nothing short of tragic that most of our medical professionals focus is trying to fix people after they are sick? but why is this?

I know the answer?so do youmoney? it cost far less to keep people healthy than to treat them after they are sick? Almost everybody loses (except the patient) if people are vibrant and healthy: loss of income for made-for-profit hospitals and pharmaceutical companies wouldnt make trillions and would lose life long customersinsurance companies CEOs wouldnt average $10 million dollars a year in salaries, and would have to lower rates and therefore profits, high paid lobbyists are out of a job? politicians and doctors wouldnt get kick backs and perks, expensive medical supply companies would go out of businesstoo much damn money at stake?and they are salivating to make natural herbs and vitamins regulated so that they can monopolize them and drive up the price to rival the profits of drugs?our planet is doomed when that happensnatural drugs/natural remedies are made by the planet and they belong to everyone equally?thats why they cost so much lessthey are not tainted with poisonous, insatiable greed like chemical drugs arethey are pure in spirit?free to deliver pure healing?

I am not for sale, and neither is the planetand I am not a pawn, or a guinea pig? neither are you? its up to you and me to stay well? Or wind up a bloody victim suffering at the hands of those who have lost their way? Divine Judgment is their destinyits on us? only useither we take charge of our own healthor pay the unspeakable price for not doing so? and believe me, you cannot afford that price tag?

So what are the most effective means of preventing heart attacks?

A Four Part Battle Plan for Preventing Heart Attacks

Diet: You must begin with controlling insulin and cutting out saturated fat. The only thing that truly effectively affects cholesterol production is insulin modulation. No amount of pills, or vitamins taken will override the mechanism of cholesterol manufacture if you continue to eat sugar, sweets, cakes, pies and a starchy diet. And if you continue to wolf down saturated fats you are asking for high cholesterol.. Period! If you are not willing to do this, forget it!
Stress Management: Now dont turn off to me hereI am saying you can change your hectic lifestylefew people canbut I am saying that YOU have the power to reduce stress. Is it really worth pumping up your stress hormones (that greatly affects heart health and blood pressure) to scream at that guy that cut in front of you in traffic? Is really worth getting steamed when the waiter brings you the wrong food? Come on?get some sense! Pick your battles! You have GOT to stop overreacting to everything? stressing out over things that WILL work out! Just getting out of bed and rushing to work is stress enough but you add all of those little senseless episodes in the mix and you have a recipe for a heart attack!! Your heart is already beating a brisk 72 beats a minute while you are sleeping? why are letting stupid things spin you up and beat your heart to literally to death? Are you really going to care so much if the dry cleaner didnt get your lucky business shirt done on time when youre in the hospital with your chest bone sawed apart and tubes running out of your body? Will all of that be worth it then? Think! Dont trade the health of your heart for senseless, stupid things? or else pay the price?

Targeted Nutraceuticals ( Heart Vitamins ):

  1. Take a daily dose (according to label instructions) on a multi-vitamin that has all of the B vitamins, minerals, etc. included in the mix and is iron free. Go to the Best Vitamin and Mineral Supplement page to read about your best choices. I could devote an entire page on the role of B vitamins in preventing heart attacks, especially as it relates to Homocysteine and c reactive protein levels.
  2. Take at least 100 mg. of Coenzyme Q10 daily NSI CoQ10 — 100 mg – 240 Capsules to oxygenate your heart and mop up free radicals. You can develop good breathing, but under stress our breath gets shallow, and we need to keep the heart oxygenated to keep the tissue healthy. An oxygenated heart doesnt have to work so hard.
  3. Take a total of 800 IU of Vitamin E gel capand 2000 Mg. Vitamin C (Ester C) to thin the blood and destroy free radical damage that is a major contributory factor to rotting, rancid cholesterol that is attaching it self to the coronary artery walls.
    C also maintains the elasticity of arteries, which can harden, by maintaining collagen synthesis, which keep arteries pliable and facilitate ongoing repair. Blood clots form from weak artery walls that bulge from weak collagen synthesis. Vitamin E also mops up free radicals that target the heart tissue and increase inflammation and elevated c reactive protein levels.
    C also helps guard the immune system that produces c reactive protein during attack. Elevated c reactive protein levels are a known risk factor for heart attack. You can find your personal signature for Ester C by going to my Cold Remedy page and read item number 1 to find out how much
    C your own body needs. We call this test bowel tolerance?and the healthier your immune system the lower your need for
  4. Take at least 200 mg. of grape seed extract
    for increased free radical protection. Grape seed extracthas been proven to mop up free radicals that target the heart and the immune system.
  5. Along with controlling insulin by controlling all forms of carbs, take an essential fatty complex that contains all of the
    EFAs, like NSI Complete EFA (Fish Oil, GLA, Flax, EPA ,
    DHA) l. The purpose of EFA’s is to modulate Eicosanoids, such prostaglandins that can narrow arteries due to swelling, and abnormal blood clotting factors that can lead to blood clots. Blocked arteries cause heart attacks.

Take Care Of And Treat Inflammatory Conditions:

Any type of inflammatory condition, such as an infected gum or tooth, sinus infection, arthritis, infected/poor-operating colon, allergies, etc. spells trouble for the heart because of elevated c reactive protein levels.