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Yeast Infection Remedy

A good yeast infection remedy focuses on the following details:

  1. Underlying causes of the yeast imbalance
  2. Introduction of substances that are yeast antagonists
  3. Restoration of the tissue ph and natural flora which controls yeast population

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Some women are plagued with yeast infections. Here are some facts about yeast infections:

    • Birth control pills greatly increase the likelihood of developing yeast infections. (I could write an entire book on this detail alone.)
    • Both partners need to be treated and can pass a yeast infection back and forth to each other during sexual intercourse, or oral sex.
    • A yeast infection can be the first sign of AIDS.
    • Yeast infections can accompany other sexually transmitted diseases, especially if the person has had unprotected sex.
    • A yeast infection is a sign of depressed immune system and signal that the person may be more susceptible to AIDS, cancer, genital herpes, or other STDs.
    • Recurring yeast infections can go from a local genital, or oral infection to a whole body infection that affects major organs, the brain, and energy cell production.
    • Cultures and blood work can determine the extent of the yeast infection.


Because yeast is a naturally occurring organism that lives in the body (especially the gut), there may be some unknown value for it. We dont know. But there is one thing for sure, everybody hates yeast infections and wants to get rid of one as soon as possible.

Some people would have you believe that yeast infections (like recurring colds) are just a normal part of life. But this is simply not so! There is nothing normal about a yeast infection! It signals a serious flora imbalance that threatens your immune system and reduces your ability to absorb nutrients properly. You are under attack!

What do I suggest for a yeast infection remedy?

  • Immediately cut out all sugar and yeast from the diet.
  • Douche with Liquid Garlic Extract and take Garlic capsules by mouth twice daily.
  • Put one whole raw garlic clove inside the vagina the first two nights and then 1 high strength Acidophilus capsules
    the next five nights. Take acidophilus by mouth too and refrigerate the bottle.
  • If you have a particularly bad case, a good combination yeast defense product may be in order, like TwinLab Yeast Fighters
    , which will help knock it out. Give your partner garlic and oral yeast products also. Bladder difficulties and prostate problems are associated with yeast infections.

Once you get the infection under control, read The Yeast Connection Handbook, by Dr. Crook. Get yeast savvy.

Consider getting blood tested for yeast if you continue to have yeast infections. Considering following Dr. Crooks guidelines, instead of taking a pill like Diflucan, which may permanently damage the liver. No one knows the long-term effects of this drug.