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Whats the difference between laryngopharyngeal reflux and acid reflux?

Difference - laryngopharyngeal reflux and acid reflux

“What’s the difference between larynogopharyngeal reflux (LPR) and acid reflux?  And do the PPIs such as nexium and other prescription ppis work to help laryngopharyngeal reflux? I know once off the medication for acid reflux it creates “Acid rebound” BUT does it do the same for laryngophryngeal reflux?”


Great questions.  I have answered all of these questions in other posts and get them here.

Difference between LPR and Acid Reflux:

Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPIs) and LPR:  Larynogopharyngeal reflux can be in two forms, acidic or non-acidic.  If your type of LPR is of the acidic nature then yes these types of medications will help.  If it if of the non-acid nature, then it most likely will not.  There is an FDA warning that was issued in February 2012 that you may want to read before starting any PPI medication.

You are correct, if you are on any PPI mediation and stop taking it, you will get acid reflux again.

The bottom line is, the only way to cure your acid reflux is either through a lifestyle change or surgery.  I had acid reflux for more than 20 years and tried medication, but because of the rebound I decided to try the lifestyle change.  I have written a review on a great eBook called “Heartburn No More” that has changed my life in more ways that just curing my acid reflux.  My suggestion is to read my review then get the book.  There really is nothing to lose, they give you a money back guarantee.