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Umbilical hernia

  1. The symptoms of umbilical hernia
  2. Causes of
  3. Diagnosis of the disease
  4. Treatment of umbilical hernia

In children may occur the disease is called

umbilical hernia,

which is characterized by the protrusion of the abdomen directly through the abdomen or navel. In General, umbilical hernia in a child is a bag whose wall is the wall of the abdominal cavity, and the contents of the intestine or omentum.

The symptoms of umbilical hernia

Pathology is characterized by a dense and elastic protrusion from the belly button, pressing on which is observed a temporary disappearance. The protrusion may occur during coughing, crying, scream, or lifting something heavy.

The appearance of the protrusions seen in a vertical body position, and disappears or decreases in a horizontal position.

Forms of

It can be Popova congenital hernia in children, which is at or a newborn appears in the first days of life.

Acquired umbilical hernia is manifested under the influence of certain factors (constipation, heavy lifting) or shortly after birth.

Causes of

Possible umbilical hernia after birth, which occurs due to poor handling of the umbilical ring after birth, which violates his healing and can lead to inflammation.

Other obvious reasons may be

  • prematurity child
  • the weakness of the muscular walls of the anterior abdominal wall is not able to withstand the pressure of intra-abdominal pressure
  • adverse factors alcohol or Smoking, poor diet during pregnancy (umbilical hernia during pregnancy)
  • chronic constipation in a child, which is due to increased intra-abdominal pressure.

Diagnosis of the disease

To diagnose the pathology is not difficult, since visually there are visible gryzenia protrusions. If the diagnosis of umbilical hernia is confirmed, then it is necessary to evaluate its contents, motility and volume.

Also pay attention to some aspects

  • the presence of pain on palpation
  • the age of appearance of disease
  • determination of causes of disease
  • determination of ease of protrusions and upravlyaemosti, is it possible to do it yourself otherwise, to fix myself not worth it
  • examination of the color of the skin around the hernia SAC, as well as palpation and consistency umbilical hernia
  • cough test doctor probes hand hernial protrusion during a cough patient
  • Ultrasound umbilical hernia, which shows the structure of the content (omentum, ovary, or intestine).

Also desirable consulting a pediatric surgeon.

Treatment of umbilical hernia

If an abnormal condition occurs in children up to 5 years, there is a conservative treatment that is based on several procedures

  • massage in the navel area
  • positional therapy is lying on her stomach about half an hour
  • bandage of adhesive plaster, together with a coin in the center bulge of the navel
  • wearing a special brace that supports the abdominal wall.

Treatment of umbilical hernia in children after 5 years is usually based on surgery, by stitching certain stitches in the region of the umbilical ring. When there is infringement of the hernia SAC, it is necessary opening and evaluation content, and further to close the defect in the abdominal space in order to strengthen it.

Complications and consequences

In the implementation of infringement of the hernia SAC may occur necrosis (necrosis) of some part of the colon, which was in inguinal hernia treatment bag. It can also be accompanied by pain in the region of the protrusion, which is combined sometimes with constipation.

It is also possible neupravlyaemogo hernia SAC contents is not prejudiced in fact, but return it into the abdominal cavity is not possible due to the development of adhesions.

May koprostaz the detention of the faeces in the intestine. Appears because of the significant obstacles to the passage of faecal content if the infringement of intestine in the area of the hernial orifice.

In some cases, umbilical hernia in adults can be manifested by such complications, if not timely provide the necessary diagnosis and prevention.

Prevention of the disease

That the disease was not progressing, one should be concerned about prevention, which takes place at the first symptoms of the pathology include the wearing of bandages or dressings leykoplastyrb in a timely manner to treat chronic cough and constipation, limit exercise and lifting weights exercise vitamins and permanently fully fed.

To avoid the occurrence of umbilical hernia in infants, it is necessary to refuse from Smoking and drinking alcohol. It is also worth to lay newborns on for 20 minutes on a level surface, belly down to a meal several times a day.