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Tinnitus Natural Remedy

What is Tinnitus (Tin-Eye-tus?

No two people will come up with the same answer:

  • The strange perception of sound in your head when there is no sound present. You hear something, but others do not.
  • Ringing in the Ears?
  • Chirping, popping, whooshing, “sounds like the ocean wave? whistling, hissing and clicking sounds.

No matter how you describe Tinnitus, it is a REAL bother to anyone who suffers from it. And it is one of the least understood hearing problems out there.

Most people are put through a full battery of tests only to be told, well, you suffer from Tinnitus, and there isn’t much we can do about it.?

And it is at nighttime that most people really suffer from Tinnitus. It is quiet in the room, but the noise in your head won’t go away. In fact, it sounds louder than during the day when you busy and distracted. So not solving your Tinnitus problem can promote serious illness because of sleep deprivation and emotional stress.

Since no one can fully explain how hearing occurs in the first place, its no wonder Tinnitus is still a mystery to most physicians. How can you solve a symptom when you don’t have all of the pieces of a complex puzzle? When you run out of testing, what do you? How do you proceed? The cause of Tinnitus can be very difficult to find.

So, what do we already know about Tinnitus?

  • Sometimes it can accompany hearing loss, or hearing impairment. Tinnitus can be the thing that drives a person to have a hearing test. It is during the hearing test that the audiologist determines that hearing loss has occurred and probably recommends further physical tests to rule out physical causes.
  • Some of the events/undiagnosed conditions that have been shown to promote Tinnitus are:
    • 1. Anemia.
    • 2. Hardened earwax and excessive ear wax production.
    • 3. Panic attacks and poor response to stress and anxiety.
    • 4. Head injuries, such as concussion.
    • 5. Excessive, sudden noise exposure.
    • 6. Aspirin usage.
    • 7. Allergies, especially food allergies.
    • 8. Blood pressure problems and as a side effect of some heart and blood pressure drugs.
    • 9. Poorly managed diabetes, undiagnosed diabetes and hypoglycemia.
    • 10. Chronic fluid retention in the ears that cause popping, cricket, or rushing sounds when sound waves waffle erratically over the eardrum and hairs in the cochlea.
    • 11. When a silent stroke? has occurred and the patient is unaware of it.
    • 12. When the carotid arteries, on the sides of the neck, are partially blocked with cholesterol they can hamper blood flow in the ears and brain.
    • 13. Abnormal C reactive protein levels that indicate silent swelling and inflammation in the ears due to infection, ear ache and candida yeast which have taken up residence in the moist ear environment. Itchy ears can be an additional sign of candida yeast infection.

    I think that is important to see a licensed audiologist if you develop chronic Tinnitus. Everyone experiences occasional Tinnitus, but constant noise in your head needs to be evaluated.

    My Home Remedy for Tinnitus:

    • I believe that sugar metabolism problems significantly promote Tinnitus. Even if the blood sugar laboratory tests come back negative for diabetes or hypoglycemia, insulin resistance may still be a problem. You may try simply lowering your carb grams to no more than 20-40 grams a day. This has helped some people lick Tinnitus.
    • Add Manganese icon (a sugar metabolism mineral) 10 mg. Daily to your Multi Vitamin icon regimen. Go to my Multi-Vitamin Guide page to pick a multi-vitamin that fits your lifestyle and circumstances.
    • Add Essential Fatty Acids to your daily vitamin regimen to control excessive earwax production and control swelling/inflammation in the ear.
    • Add Potassium icon 99 mg. Daily to promote healthy nerve transmission of the auditory nerve. So far the researchers are split on whether Tinnitus is caused by hyperactive nerve activity in the ear.
    • If you have problems with ear infections, chronic sinus infections, or excessive fluid build up in your ears, take N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) icon 250 mg. daily to reduce this fluid build up.
    • Make sure you get 200mcg. of Chromium Picolinate daily, either as a single pill or in your Multi-Vitamin Complex icon complex to make effective use of your insulin. Do not overdose on this.

    If you are being treated for any illness, check with your doctor first before self-medicating.

    And before I forget to tell you, I do not believe in tinnitus masking?equipment unless it is attached to a hearing aid that is already treating established hearing loss.

    I am worried that people will try to use this equipment to solve the problem while the true medical cause of Tinnitus marches on and does more damage to their body. Especially, the sugar metabolism problems? that can cause several serious health problems, like high cholesterol, heart attack, and high blood pressure.