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Remedies for Sciatica

Good remedies for sciatica focus upon understanding how sciatica develops and how to deal with nerve inflammation disorder.

A Note of Caution (True Story):
I have met with people who complained of their back aching on one side. They were actually suffering from a kidney infection instead of sciatica. If you feel lousy, and have a fever, see your doctor. A kidney infection can turn into a life-threatening situation.

Another Note of Caution (True Story):
I once had a young man who came to see me after complaining of sciatic pain following a Saturday football game in the park with his buddies. When I asked him to explain to me what he was experiencing, he said with a little nervous laugh, ìWell, I donít how this all relates to my sciatica, but I seem to be having trouble holding my urine, maybe I got a bladder infection too, and Iíve got this weird tingling feeling in my leg and it feels a little numb or funny??

The minute he said those things to me I immediately went around to my desk and opened my big ring binder and called one of the doctors I knew. I sent the man right over to him. As it turns out, this young father of three had unknowingly injured his spinal cord playing touch football. The rule is if you are experiencing these types of sudden, unusual symptoms following even a simple twist, or injury, get checked out. It could be something as simple as twisting your back coming down a ladder, or lifting something heavy over your head. Pay close attention to your instincts? a spinal cord injury can lead to permanent paralysis.

Now on to more Common Remedies for Sciatica

To explain sciatica in simple terms, it is nerve pain in the leg, hip and lower back due to something causing irritation (inflammation) of the sciatic nerve.

In my view, there is nothing worse than dealing with any kind of nerve pain. Nerve pain behaves like a phantom coming on without notice or warning. Quite a few people have said that sciatic pain just hit them whilst standing in a grocery line or sitting in a waiting room. No warning, no noticeÖjust bam!

The Sciatic nerve is a big nerve that, when compressed, can shoot pain all the way down the leg and make sleep virtually impossible. It will get your attention all right, as any pregnant women will tell you when the babyís position, or its weight presses upon the sciatic nerve. And some people experience sciatica from the compression of the nerve root from a slipped, herniated disc in the spine. Still others have peripheral nerve pain originating from nerve inflammation coming from the piriformis, or other muscles in the lower trunk.

Less than 1% of people who have back surgery emerge pain free from the surgery. Cutting the sciatic nerve usually leads to more intense nerve problems in the region. So, in most cases, surgery does not appear to be the total solution.

But what are suffers to do about sciatica? One thing is for sure: chronic pain is very harmful to the body because it tears down the immune system. Chronic pain leads to depression and hopelessness. It destroys quality of life.

I have always been deeply interested in nerves, and how nerves work in the body. We not feel anything without nerves. And yet, when nerves become overactive, or inflamed we really suffer.

I say start from the beginning let’s examine some basic fundamentals?

  1. I know you have heard explanation that people who sit too long, or weigh too much, or never exercise are the victims of sciatica and lower back pain.
  2. You have probably been told that the disks in the back age and as they do they lose the ability to cushionÖand that causes nerve compression..

I am not disagreeing with any of these general explanations, but listen to me? In my decades of experience most people who experience sciatica, or lower back pain are:

  • Carrying the world on their bare backs, nobody helps me?
  • Feel alone and isolated, îItís all on me, I am feeling crushed by this weight?
  • Donít know how to set limits, canít say no
  • Are prone to being taken advantage of and donít know how to ask for what they need, assumes that other people ìshould just know what I need?
  • Donít really think (deep inside) that they are as good as other people, therefore they have to accept other peopleís ill treatment of them
  • Carry around a ton of frustration and anger about being the whore of other people
  • Have an unmistakable, low self-worth no matter what their position or status