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Reactive arthritis symptoms and treatment

    Reactive arthritis-joint disease, which is infectious disease, received by airborne droplets, sexually transmitted, intestinal, or other ways. Cause is not the infection itself but the body’s response to transferred disease, e.g. diphtheria, we can say that this is a complication of improper treatment, which is painful.

    The symptoms of reactive arthritis are easily recognizable and definable in most cases. However, often the treatment is delayed because of the strangeness of the onset of symptoms, for example, not every young person will go to the doctor because of numbness of the finger or sudden pain in a tendon. The inflammatory process in reactive arthritis is characterized by swelling, fever, pain, redness. In fact, the infection has managed to penetrate into the joint and infect the surrounding tissue, so should not tolerate the disease – I need to go to a specialist, otherwise the disease will spread throughout the musculoskeletal system and immobilize you.

    Of Contracting reactive arthritis both men and women. Gentleman more often subject to attacks of sexually transmitted infections. This including salmonellosis, shigellosis, chlamydia, STDs if the tests show contamination of these diseases, it is an occasion incidentally to refer to a rheumatologist, in order not to delay treatment. Otherwise, intestinal method and contact-household can be infected in both sexes.

    Causes reactive arthritis infections. They can be divided on groups, depending on the method of penetration into the body and severity of the disease.

    The intestinal form of infection is the most common and most difficult of all. Arthritis in this case is called diseases such as chlamydia and Ureaplasma. In addition, there is a complicated form of arthritis is retroaortic. Its cause is the enterobacteria remaining after treatment in the stomach and causing inflammation. The symptoms of reactive arthritis in this case, vomiting, diarrhea, sometimes of selection up. As you can see, the symptoms of reactive arthritis are very similar to symptoms of other diseases, hemorrhoids, diphtheria, poisoning. There is only one BUT – its incubation period (about 1-3 weeks) and the severity of the symptoms. In the case of suspected arthritis must be tested for chlamydia, Shigella, Yersinia.

    Sex to the incidence of reactive arthritis is the fast and discreet. Many do not believe that I could through sexual contact get a virus that would act in a similar way. The fact that infection with chlamydia is transmitted during sexual rapprochement can occur at any age, therefore, reactive arthritis are getting younger and younger every year because of the insecurity of sexual acts. Once infected, the disease is the incubation period of one to three weeks, resulting in very difficult to understand what you’ve got. In addition to joint pain, this form is characterized by pain in the genitals, burning and unpleasant sensations in the vagina, possible discharge like with a yeast infection. After these signals, the disease begins to attack your joints, there is a strange pain in his ankle, pain in the calf muscles, sometimes if not treated the cause of the disease, your disease progresses further – will be amazed by the spine and neck.

    Contact-household method – it is associated with intestinal, but implies other characteristics. Contracting, as you know, by using poorly washed and not sanitized utensils, the use of things of the patient, or if you are in contact with him. Places for infection with chlamydia and other pathogens, as always, a lot of public canteens, cafes, sometimes in traffic. To manifest such a form can be very diverse

    • redness and inflammation of the iris
    • sores on the hands
    • swelling of the limbs.

    The symptoms are accompanied by high temperature, furthermore, possible body aches, which also can guide you in the wrong direction. With the same cold, extremities swollen and inflamed, and unpleasant sensations in the body lost when temperature drops, or, at least, 1-2.

    Treatment of reactive arthritis is complex. First, determine the type of bacteria that you are infected. In accordance with this treatment. It is also necessary to correlate the symptoms of reactive arthritis and treatment, depending on this, it becomes clear which part of the body was under attack. Rheumatologists often recorded cases of the disease in people who are genetically susceptible. If the organism is already known gene HLA-B27, a person acquires an additional gap in the protection from this disease. In addition to blood and urine tests, you will need to do an x-ray that shows the whole picture of your illness. In patients with suspected intestinal infection, the taken urine and feces.

    Treatment of reactive arthritis carry medication, prescribing antibiotics. They will help to kill the main pathogens and to simplify further treatment. In addition to the antibiotics prescribed and the subsidiary non-steroidal drugs Indomethacin, Sulindac. Drug therapy with antibiotics kills intestinal flora, so after completing this course, the doctor may prescribe Linex or other drugs to restore positive flora. This list may seem large, but, unfortunately, it will be incomplete without immunomodulators, help the patient to overcome difficulties in the treatment. The patient is in remission appointed therapeutic massage and gymnastics.

    The arthritis treatment at home is non-steroidal ointments, such as Diclofenac and Ketoprofen. Additional therapies include traditional medicine. For example, a compress of black radish with horseradish, ointment of comfrey or bee venom. Possible packs of special fees in gout.

    Sometimes the treatment of reactive arthritis can be exacerbated by the constant recurrence of the disease. In this case, you will have to undergo a further course of antibiotics to kill antigens in the body. The recurrence in this case is not the fault of your doctor or the proof of his incompetence, but rather the stability of the already mutated virus to commonly used antibiotics. May have to go through a laboratory study on the types of antibiotics that will be able to help you, and to retake all tests were mechical and blood.

    Prevention of reactive arthritis is not as daunting as it may seem. Since a person infected with a viral infection, should avoid contact with infectious patients, finding them in one area to wear a mask and try less to touch objects and those things which become the abode for bacteria of public – door handles, walls, window sills. In public canteens, use disposable dishes in sealed containers or wipes, wipe all the Cutlery. Before eating, thoroughly wash your hands after visiting the hospital or the streets better handle of the brush and the entire surface up to the elbow with a disinfectant solution.