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PMS Remedy

A good PMS remedy focuses on understanding why the PMS symptoms occur, and how to ease those symptoms.

Some women go through their menstrual cycle blissfully unaware of the complex changes that are taking place in their bodies, except for the 3-5 days that they bleed to shed the lining of their womb and the remnants of their unfertilized egg.

But at least a third of all women who are still menstruating live through a kind of living hell two weeks out of each month, month after month, year after year. For these women, a serious hopelessness can set in.

Given the complex brain chemical imbalances that occur during this period, it is no wonder that the murder and suicide rate for these suffering women is much higher than for women over all. The rate of adultery that occurs during this period is also much higher for these women. Several noted scientists have written books and scientific papers about PMS and its causes, which historically has been touted as being all in her head.?

Irritable Bowel Syndrome sufferers also experience more pronounced discomfort if they have PMS symptoms too. And the immune system is usually down during this PMS time making the women much more susceptible to colds, flu, and sore throats. Women who have been diagnosed with autoimmune disorders suffer more with these disorders during the PMS period. So to say it plainly, PMS is a serious matter that affects many millions of women worldwide.

In addition to insulin fluctuations and hormone imbalances (like progesterone), brain chemical imbalances are involved in the depression, crying fits, irrational thinking, rage, irritability, insomnia, anxiety, forgetfulness and confusion.

But be encouraged? brain chemicals and hormones CAN be naturally re-balanced and PMS symptoms eased to the point where it is more of a nuisance than the center of attention two weeks a month. And there is no reason to consume cancer causing hormone prescription medications or psychiatric drugs to accomplish this.

My PMS Remedy and Plan of Action

  • First get a calendar and decide right now that you WILL manage your PMS and not the other way around. PMS has been running your life far too long! If you are menstruating now, make the calendar at least two weeks back. If you have just finished, then add the number of bleeding days to two weeks back. If you are half way through your cycle, or not sure, then hold off marking the calendar until you can mark the two weeks prior to your actual menses. This two week period prior to menses is your critical period?to take action to ease symptoms and watch out!
  • Since a menstrual cycle is usually every 28 days (a lunar cycle), 14 out of that 28 days is usually the worst for the PMS suffer. Again, it is the 14 days PRIOR to bleeding that is the worst time for these women, and presents real trouble for them. (It has been determined that the young woman who drowned her children was experiencing PMS and was in her 14 day critical period when she did this. She was truly insane during this period of time because the maternal instinct to protect one’s children is ordinarily so strong that it takes some serious brain chemical changes to short circuit that natural instinct and turn it into a need to murder.)
  • Please know that if you don’t consume a complex high-grade multi-vitamin (like Natrol My Favorite Multi) you are most likely B vitamin and folic acid deficient. PMS suffers are generally low in these nutrients which are components of brain hormones and chemicals. Take the multi consistently every day to correct all vitamin and mineral (calcium and magnesium) deficiencies. This is a loaded complex and you only need extra Ester C every day to meet your daily vitamin and mineral needs. It has 1000 mg. of calcium in it and the correct level of magnesium, which your bones need too. I have great faith in this multi!
  • Avoid dairy products and all forms of sugar and refined starches in the 14-day critical period? Do this for two menstrual cycles to assess your results and understand your sensitivities to these two substances. If you have suffered from PMS haven’t you noticed how much you crave sweets, cookies and ice cream during this time? It’s not an accident? insulin levels are all over the place?
  • If your PMS is especially volatile, then add three capsules of NSI Complete EFA essential fatty acid capsules daily to control prostaglandin hormones (which balance swelling and fluid levels, inflammation, etc.) and balance erratic progesterone hormone levels. I like this formula and have used it personally for over twenty years. It contains all of my EFA in one complex so that I don’t overdose on any one EFA, which can cause other problems.
  • It will take at least two months to see good results, but stick with this simple program and you will be glad you did!