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Pediculosis Lice

  1. Reasons
  2. Symptoms
  3. Diagnosis
  4. Treatment

Pediculosis (Lice)

disease characterized by parasitizing the small lice on the skin and human hair, the bite of which causes severe itching. Lice are vectors of these diseases: relapsing fever, Volyn fever, typhus, characterized by increased body temperature and the appearance of numerous skin rashes.


Forms of head lice can be very diverse, the result of which is assigned to the individual treatment of head lice for each patient.

Thus, the main form of the disease

  • a lice a disease is a louse, which is found mainly in human clothes and there lays its eggs. Getting on the human body, the louse bite and drink blood at the bite site redness, and the skin becomes coarser and darker
  • head lice source is the head louse, which infests the hair of the person, laying their eggs nits, which leads to constant itching in the head
  • pubic lice source is any type of lice that is found on the pubis and rarely the eyebrows and eyelashes where they lay their eggs, thus there is noticeable discomfort in the affected areas.


Causes of head lice is fairly simple with pubic lice sexual contact, while other types of infection from other people who have lice are found.

Quite often you can find head lice in children, as in this age there is a great likelihood of Contracting head lice in schools and kindergartens.


  • the bites may itch, and they are constantly itching
  • on the hair to see the nits the eggs lice, they are white, and therefore visible to the naked eye
  • on the site of the bite appear bumps that have a reddish-blue shade
  • the person becomes irritable and nervous
  • insomnia.


To diagnose this disease by yourself at home, by examination of the head, pubic area and underarms. In the modern world, the acquisition of funds from head lice is not a problem, almost every pharmacy sells a variety of ointments and balms. The disease is quite rare, but treatable without any problems.


Treatment of head lice begins with a thorough combing of the hair, then they are treated with special sprays, balms or ointments. Definitely need to wash linen of the patient, and then iron the iron, so that all the nits were killed. Such procedures should be done for four days this period is enough to completely eliminate the disease.

A treatment of head lice involves treatment of clothing and bedding special sprays, then wash in very hot water, then you need to hang sheets outside for several days to result in exposure to sunlight all vanished toxic substances sprays.

The problem of pubic lice is solved even faster enough to shave off all the hair in the habitats of lice and treat in order to decontaminate the skin and 5% boric ointment. If lice infest the eyebrows and eyelashes, it is enough to remove the nits with tweezers, and the lice will disappear.







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