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Natural Remedy for Acid Reflux

A good natural remedy for acid reflux focuses on the following details:

  • Why do older people generally suffer from acid reflux?
  • What does an enzyme deficiency have to do with acid reflux?
  • Why is the little purple pill not a good answer for acid reflux?
  • What does a bacterial infection have to do with acid reflux?

I am going to ask you to ponder some details here that flies in the face of what the pill advertisers have told you. 

Did you know that an overproduction of stomach acid (hydrochloric acid) can be caused by a deficiency of enzymes required for good digestion and that HCL is not really the culprit?

Your wonderful body is doing the only thing it can do to break down food? flood the area with the only thing that is plentiful: Hydrochloric Acid (HCL). It knows that it?not the best choice but it is the only choice.

Indigestion is “incomplete digestion?and sometimes the “incomplete?part is so big that we throw it up. And we hate that nasty burning acid taste in our mouths.

Digestive enzymes are critical but we make less and less of them as we grow older. How many children do you know that suffer from acid reflux on a regular basis? None!

I have gone through a lot of junk to find good enzymes. They are quite delicate and the best ones are made into tiny tablets. My favorite is foreign made by WobenzymN . It has all of the best enzymes in one tiny tablet. They don’t make one big tablet for the sake of stability, but instead you take a group of little tablets. You need to replenish your enzyme store and while you are at it, anything raw is rich in enzymes.

The next thing you must consider is that although we have known about the bacteria Heliobacter pylori for over 20 years, people are not blood tested (or saliva tested) for it as they should be before given the purple pill. Antibiotics clear it up before it causes stomach cancer. Many people have H. Pylori and don’t know it. People think that some kind of miracle has occurred when their reflux goes away? after this bacteria (that lives in their stomach) is killed.

The really bad thing about the purple pill is that it primarily reduces HCL (stomach acid, which protects the body against the Heliobacter pylori bacteria and other pathogens. Stomach acid is highly corrosive and has a second function to kill any foreign invaders.

But those that purport the purple pill just want to drive down stomach acid and make the symptoms go away. But at what price? Stomach cancer down the road? Poor digestion and absorption of nutrients leading to poor energy? Take your pick? it’s all here rofits before people that’s the name of the game?