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Natural Remedies for High Blood Pressure

Effective natural remedies for high blood pressure focuse on explaining the scientific origins of high blood pressure and how to naturally maintain normal blood pressure without affecting other critical body systems.

I have a very serious perspective toward high blood pressure. You should too.

This silent killer? kills up to a million people each year, some of which did not even know that they had high blood pressure. If left untreated, high blood pressure damages the kidneys, heart, brain, and other vital organs. It places undue stress upon the blood vessels, which carry critical oxygen-rich blood throughout the body and eventually, if left untreated, leads to death or permanent disability via stroke, kidney, or heart attack. Make no mistake high blood pressure is a killer?

Up to 70% of people who are prescribed prescription drugs for high blood pressure cannot tolerate them. Ask any doctor and he (or she) will tell you that there is nothing easy about treating high blood pressure. All of the drugs cause some side effects, some of which are serious. Most people become very frustrated changing prescriptions as the doctor works to try and find something that works with their body. No one knows the long-term effects that these powerful chemicals have upon the brain, heart and circulatory system.

Please understand that as you read this report, that the reason I am not blaming most high blood pressure problems on genetics is that I strongly believe that lifestyle choices are a much stronger risk for developing high blood pressure versus a genetic predisposition. Many people never develop genetic illnesses and just because you may be genetically predisposed does not mean you have to accept falling prey to any particular illness. You do have a choice. But of course if you continually think, well high blood pressure runs in my family? then you should understand that your body will accommodate your beliefs? every time deep thinking that way and you WILL develop high blood pressure your mind is a powerful thing?

And while we are on the subject of how the mind influences the body, are you aware of how much hopelessness and powerlessness stresses your body? I know that this may sound strange, but I have had the long term experience of working with people diagnosed with high blood pressure and virtually every one of them felt a strong sense of powerless and hopelessness over an important area of their lives. They lived under a constant sense of pronounced threat and quiet assault. Maybe it was their daughter not fixing on a path in college, or their wife not being able to cope with menopause, or a husband with a drinking problem. The problems varied, but it still always translated into high blood pressure that the doctor blamed on normal aging.

It has been my history to deal with managing high blood pressure on a physical level (natural diuretics that do not harm the kidneys, adrenal support, strengthening the walls of blood vessels to prevent leaking/clots/strokes, calming down stress hormones, etc.) while the person works on self-talk, diet, and emotional stressors in their lives. It is also very important to correct magnesium, calcium, B vitamin, etc. deficiencies with a comprehensive multivitamin like Natrol My Favorite Multi without Iron capsules icon. (Only take iron if a doctor recommends it to you. High serum iron is a known risk factor in heart disease and cancer.)

In the past, it took about six bottles to gather up all of the necessary ingredients to combat high blood pressure in a natural, safe way. It’s not easy for working people to keep up with that much. Then I came across a product that deals with one of the major root causes of high blood pressure, a hormone called ACE. This product is called Blood Pressure C12 Peptide icon.

If you have diabetes, or have been told that you are hyperglycemic, or 搃nsulin resistant?it would behoove you to look at Country Life Glycemin Factors Formula icon. It is possible that some people destined for incurable diabetes will never develop it after taking this product.