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Lip cancer

  1. Reasons
  2. Symptoms
  3. Diagnosis
  4. Treatment

Lip cancer

cancer is a disease that occurs due to lesions of the surface epithelium of the vermilion border. The disease is mainly characterized by the lower lip. As a consequence, metastasis striking the bone of the jaw.

Varieties of cancer are determined depending on the growth of malignant tumors and are divided into papillary and warty. Form tumors are ulcerous and ulcerous-infiltrative. The vast number of diseases, almost 95%, accounted for squamous cell carcinoma, and only 5% is neorogovevayuschy. For cancer of the lip, it is very important to perform the process of the disease, in order to develop a treatment plan and assess prognosis.


Mouth cancer, mainly cancer of the lower lip, is most likely to occur among residents of the southern regions, due to the kind of activities taking place under the influence of atmospheric phenomena. Alcohol abuse, viral infections, lack of hygiene are factors of the disease. Especially common lip cancer from Smoking. Caries of the teeth, burns, unprofessional made dentures can cause cancer.

The group of etiologic factors that cause mouth cancer

  • environmental influences (changing air pressure and air fluctuations, radiation, ionization of air)
  • the action of carcinogens of endogenous and exogenous substance
  • alcohol consumption, habitual Smoking, use of harmful compounds
  • damage the vermilion border.

A group of mechanical factors

  • dental caries, malocclusion, povrezhdenie untreated teeth
  • the prosthesis is not properly performed, the use of the tube or mouthpiece
  • tobacco products
  • chemical carcinogenic substances contained in tobacco.

Group thermal factors

  • burns, obtained through prima hot food
  • injuries caused by burns, boiling water or tobacco.

Various factors

  • diseases caused by infectious virus
  • inflammation caused by fungal diseases of the vermilion border
  • disorders of the gastrointestinal tract and liver
  • lack of vitamins A, E, C and beta-carotene.


The first signs of lip cancer may occur in a small bleeding ulcers. In order to prevent further progression of the disease, must be timely prevention.

The appearance of cracks on the mucosa, itching, seals, characteristic of lip cancer, the signs are sufficiently CDO, and differ from signs

. The difference is that the crust is covered with bleeding ulcers herpes heal after receiving considerable amount of time, which is not cancer.

Upon the occurrence of lip cancer, the initial stage can take place in the absence of sores. They can replace the small seals, which tend to grow, subsequently covered with a crust. On the red border of the lower lip appears convex formation, in the middle of which is erosion or ulcer is covered with a granular layer. This tumor has a firm consistency and irregular in shape. Over time, the sizes are increasing steadily and have nettle shape. Special attention should be paid to the fact, in what sequence are the changes in the area of the lips. Exophytic tumor growth is characterized by the fact that it has flat scales, and endophytic – uplotnenie ulcer with uneven edges.

Lip cancer, symptoms of which are sufficiently pronounced, can cause numerous problems in health status, therefore, the occurrence of unpleasant sensations in the mouth, excessive salivation, itching, burning sensation in the lips, all this – the first symptoms of lip cancer.


In cases of suspected mouth cancer, the first stage is determined during the inspection the specialist, the disease can be identified Neporozhny eye. To clarify the diagnosis applies somascope. Cheiloscopy method allows to determine the degree of development and the content of the resulting ulcer, see roller, which is formed around the ulcerative forms of cancer, to examine the contents of the mucosa and to determine, on the basis of what happened neoplasm. The method, which uses a 1% solution toluidine blue, to determine areas predoperatinom state of the cells. By palpation of the lips, it turns out the real size of the tumor.

If you suspect skin cancer lip used cytological method of investigation of smears from the area of the tumor and is done in punctate of lymph nodes.

The following survey

  • physical examination and palpation of the lips region NHK and dsen, mucosal jaws
  • study finger across the neck and submandibular region
  • Ultrasound of the neck, lips, abdomen
  • x-ray lower jaw
  • PAP smears for carrying out the cytological analysis, biopsy
  • cytological puncture enlarged cervical nodes
  • differential diagnosis of syphilis and tuberkulezom.

After confirming the cancer of the lip follows an extensive survey conducted in the laboratory, which includes x-rays of the chest, urine analysis, blood.


For the treatment of lip cancer you need to consider many factors, which include such factors as patient’s age, type and characteristics of the tumor, and more. Regardless of which method of treatment is selected, the main impact is on the lesion and the area of metastases.

Methods of treatment of cancer of the lips 1 and 2 degrees

radiation, which represents radiation as remote and interstitial

surgical, radical method is used when there is no possibility to use radiation treatment.

Undoubtedly, preventive surgery on the 1st and 2nd stages of the disease are conducted in exceptional cases only when the dynamics of the development of the disease is not screwy control and impossible to predict e further spread.

Cancer treatment lips the third stage (if no metastases), is a combined method of exposure to the infection site and surrounding areas.

At the advanced stage of disease (stage 4) and if the metastases in the lymph nodes, it is expected the combined treatment of lip cancer and surgery, plastics and surgical correction of the lips. When cetvrti stage of the disease is used for palliative chemoradiotherapy.

Early treatment of lip cancer stages 1-2 gives a positive trend in 97%-100% of cases. The third stage involves the cure of 67% -80%. Ceturta stage and re-recurrence – 55%.