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Hypertension. Elevated blood pressure – cause. How to clean forever.

  1. How to make blood alkaline.
  2. Why heart hurts? Why hypertension pain?
  3. What do we have to do that hypertension is gone?
  4. Video – Whole Blood Viscosity

Cause of hypertension this knitting is thick blood causes a lot. Begin with psychology. Adrenal glands produce a hormone adrenalin which is in her blood thickens in the kidneys, are associated with 1 chakra – mooladhara. If people live in fear, in concern, experiences then increased epinephrine in the blood coalesces does blood is viscous.
This coalesces red blood cells in the grapes, goes acidification organism and organism is forced to increase pressure to oxygen has got into all capillary. Little finger your right foot require oxygen. The only way, his body there push it through increase the pressure in vessels.
If you do alkaline blood, everyone red blood swam separate and pressure will never be increased. Addition You will not have no infection and other diseases.

Whole Blood Viscosity

1How to make blood alkaline

A lot methods -alkaline food, alkaline water. Supply the main thing is stress. Realize that as long as you in fear you live with you will be thick viscous blood. Person must understand that hypertension is associated with my concern. What to worry about? Which scared? All I will not talk about it anymore worry. Already the process begins.

2Why heart hurts? Why hypertension pain?

Because the heart is forced pumped viscous blood like jelly. Blood or river or semolina porridge. If so mountain river then the body of work like a watch. Most people now the blood is very very viscous, they not they drink the water, they live in fears, in stress.

3What do we have to do that hypertension is gone?

  • First remove all drinks other than water. If you have a problem with intestines, with kidneys, from the skin, with lymph – you even drink only water. If you have a problem with excretory systems of the body, because it is trying remove toxins can not.  Drink more water: 30 gram per kilogram weight. Next need restore work kidneys, for this you need open 1 and 2 chakras, open the link with earth. take out fears and anxious, to open sexier center is directly related to kidney work.
  • Second, when you take out fears, claims to opposite sex – think about yours meals.
    Animal food, especially meat, thickens blood. Remove the animal food add to food, more fresh greens vegetable, juice.
  • Helps very good soda bath. How to take soda bath – is many of data in internet. Many some doctors, famous, who make miracles with people, unconventional – they use soda for acceptance. Soda alkalizes and heals people even from cancer with different stages of pathology.
  • My advice is take pendulum diagnose all your chakras and open their. Hypertensive patients always closed 1 chaka and usually 7 also, because the seventh chakra is connected with the erasure of energy divine spirit, saint the highest spiritual the energy. Of the boughs is not does not accept, then he falls into fear and worry. You are not is able to withstand all the problems of this peace.

Because matter this magnet is hypnosis. If you take off from the matter, go Sphere of spirit, then you a huge energy in the body, everlasting joy, constant power. People who cleaved to matter, they unfortunate, in depressed. Mentally necessary tear myself away from matter. Go in these to do a clean spirit. Heart it hurts because understand their heart.

I have description multidimensional model of human. Dent armor heart. Compassion, joint suffering. It is necessary to realize, that, now accept the decision not to feel compassion never, anyone, but be mercy. Сompassion – joint suffering, when one suffers the person begins second suffer, already two suffer. Him so suffer five more and already five suffer or seven. Mercy – once act to you need.
With a sweet tell my heart now. I am more never to anyone I will sympathize with this. I will be useless show mercy and I will not take no problems close to heart, never again, from moment. And heart your guarantee is not there will be no heart attack, will be ischemic, there will be no tingling, rhythm.
Have you problem? Сan you solve it? Yes, not worry about.
Have you problem? Сan you solve it? Not, not worry about

These are brief recommendations on hypertension due to illness hearts. And of course if you are a month sit on raw food die, on fresh juices, take away fears, your forget about your hypertension. But it’s hard to do cells are used to eat that food which you feed them, gradually replace.

4Video Whole Blood Viscosity