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Home Remedy for Canker Sore

A good home remedy for canker sore focuses on pain management and educating the person as to why the canker sore developed in the first place.

The medical name for a canker sore, or mouth ulcer, is aphthous stomatitis. A canker sore is different than a cold sore in that a canker sore occurs inside the mouth, inside cheeks, or on the gums or tongue. Chewing and talking becomes very painful with one of these.

A canker sore is essentially a painful crater inside the mouth. If you look inside your mouth with a flashlight you will see a creamy or yellow looking crater looking ulcer with a red rim. When you look at one, its not hard to understand why they hurt so badly.

I want to offer my remedy for immediate pain relief, and then I want to discuss with you the underlying causes of these painful ulcers, which definitely warrant your attention.

Home Remedy for Canker Sore

  1. Buy a fresh tube of Orajel anesthesia dental gel, and one bottle of Zinc Picolinate
    capsules (not tablets.) at least 20 mg., but 50 mg. is preferred.
  2. Buy a fresh bottle of hydrogen peroxide and disinfect the region by rinsing with a 50/50 solution of purified water and hydrogen peroxide in a disposable cup. Rinse away the hydrogen peroxide thoroughly.
  3. Take a small disposable cup and break open one of the Zinc Picolinate
    powder capsules into the cup. Follow with a small amount of the Orajel to make a thick paste. Wash your hands thoroughly, or use a fresh Q-tip to dab the thick paste on the ulcer. Do not eat for at least 45 minutes to let the zinc and the anesthesia sink in well. Both substances are deemed safe for oral ingestion so swallowing any part of these two things is not considered harmful.

Now I know people who are plagued by canker sores keep these three items on hand at all times to treat a canker sore while it is still small. But, I would like you to consider some of the underlying causes:

  • Undiagnosed anemia and a deficiency of blood building nutrients such as folic acid, B vitamins and iron. A high stress life style robs the body of water-soluble B vitamins, which must be consumed on a daily basis because they are not stored in tissues for later use. Anemia can also spell other serious blood problems.
  • Undiagnosed viral infections, including but not limited to Epstein Barr Virus, sexually transmitted herpes (several types) and early stage HIV.
  • Undiagnosed autoimmune disorders such as Sjgrens Syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and other incurable autoimmune disorders.

If you have a canker sore that does not respond to this simple treatment, and you have engaged in unprotected oral sex, seek the advice of physician, preferably one that routinely treats sexually treated diseases. And if you have a canker sore that keeps coming back and seems to only half heal seek out a physician. It could be an oral cancer.

And if you have taken two months to rebuild your vitamin reserves with a good multi-vitamin (such as Natrol My Favorite Multi without Iron capsules
) and you are still getting repeated canker sores, its time to find out what is going on, with blood work, and a discussion of your general health with a physician. Many autoimmune disorders are best managed when treated in the early stages of development.