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Flea Bite Remedy

A good flea bite remedy focuses on preventing scaring from the bites and controlling the spread of infection.

Children, especially toddlers are particularly susceptible to flea bites because of their low proximity to the ground. One mother wrote to me horrified to see her beautiful little girl ate up with flea bites on her legs and forearms. She was really worried about scarring.
To learn more about natural flea eradication go to Home Remedy for Fleas page. I hate pesky fleas!

If you or your child has been bit dozens of time (all at once) by fleas keep a close eye on yourself or them for development of flea fever. Fleas carry blood parasites, which can cause a high fever to develop, which is an emergency situation.

This web page goes a little further than the Home Remedy for Fleas page in discussing flea bite remedies. Flea bites can leave ugly scars that can take years to heal.

Here is My Flea Bite Remedy:

  • Take your child and bath them thoroughly and shampoo their hair with 6 drops of eucalyptus essential oil mixed in with your favorite shampoo to make sure that there is no flea eggs clinging to their scalp. Let the shampoo sit for at least a minute.
  • Then thoroughly dry off all of the flea bites and dab a cotton ball saturated with hydrogen peroxide on the bites to thoroughly disinfect them.
  • Next, take a disposable bathroom cup and put ?tsp. of colloidal silverand 1 dropper full of liquid propolis in the cup. Mix thoroughly. Take a Q-tip and doctor the bites with this solution to prevent infection. This does not sting.
  • Cover the legs or arms with long pants or leotards and long sleeve shirts to prevent scratching. Scratching causes scarring, some of which may leave deep pits. It is no use to tell a child not to scratch. They don’t understand. They will scratch and scratch and even leave bloodstains on bedclothes while they scratch in their sleep. You have to cover the areas with clothes, which they will rub on to get relief. Now in really bad itching cases, I will succumb and recommend Bactine spray to stop the itching, but I don’t like the high alcohol content, which suddenly dehydrates the skin and actually slows down the healing of the wounds. I much prefer a stronger medicine made Boericke & Tafel herbal cortisone cream icon which has been made since 1835.
  • Give the child 2 powdery Apis Mel icon 30X homeopathic tablets dissolved under the tongue or dissolved in a small cup of water. Apis Mell works to clear the blood of the poisons carried by fleas and head off fever caused by the bites. Avoid eating, Citric Acid foods, or mint products for 2 hours before and after administering homeopathic medicines. Try to put the tablets in the bottle cap instead of digging in the small bottle to get the tablets out. (This particular homeopathic medicine is good to keep on hand for all kinds of bug bites and stings and has a long shelf life if you don’t contaminate the contents.) Give your child plenty of fluids and keep them away from sugar. Keep your eye on their temperature to watch for signs of fever. (I am for keeping a child who has sustained severe flea bites home for 2-3 days for observation and support.)
  • Examine the bites daily to look for signs of infection. If you see any increased redness or signs of pus, then apply red clay icon with several drops of peppermint essential oil to stimulate the draining of the sores and stimulate the skin to heal. (You don’t want to know why pus forms on these sores.) Again cover the skin with clothes to stop uncontrollable scratching and the spread of infection.
  • Read to your child while the paste dries and draws, and then wipe off with a cool cloth. It is actually very frightening to a small child to be bitten all over. For them to look down and see red bite marks is very scary to them. A little reassurance is needed.
  • Check their teddy bears, plush toys and shoes for fleas. Several mothers have found fleas in their children’s shoes? ready to bite them again.