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Eyesight Games to Improve Vision

There are many different eyesight games that you can play either by yourself or with your children to exercise your eyes, strengthen your eye muscles and reduce eye strain. The games are fun and many of them can be found online.

As people use computers more and more, there has been a large increase in eye strain, headaches and vision loss because people aren’t looking away from their screens so that their eyes get a break. Read on to learn about some of these eyesight games and what they do for your vision.

Visual Perception Games

Visual perception is the term used to describe how our eyes interpret and analyze what we see. This category is broken down into several sections because there are many different ways that our eyes interpret vision.

Visual memory is what we use to remember what we’ve seen. This used to be a very popular game for children but it is fun for adults as well. You are given one minute to look at a picture, then you have to remember as many details about it as you can.

Visual form constancy is the term used to describe the way that your eyes can tell what a picture is even if it’s upside down or taken apart. Also, your eyes can perceive what a picture such as a box would look like if it was taken apart. Many standardized tests use this as a way of testing vision and reasoning skills.

Visual closure is what lets your eyes understand what a picture is even if it’s presented in fragments. Connect the dot games are a good example; often you don’t have to actually connect the dots before your eyes pick out the picture.

Figure ground is the ability for your eye to see only part of a picture but understand what the picture is supposed to be of. The popular puzzle game “hidden pictures” is good for practicing your figure ground. For instance, you may be shown only part of a car, but you can tell what it is.

Visual discrimination lets us tell the difference between objects that are similar. You have probably played one of these eyesight games on your computer. You are given two pictures that are very close to being the same but you have to pick out minor differences.

Tracking skills are what your eye uses to read a line on a page or follow a particular object without losing track of it. This skill is broken down into three parts that include fixation, which is the ability to look constantly at an object, pursuit is the ability to follow a moving target smoothly and saccades is the ability to follow a bouncing or darting figure. There are many online eyesight games that hone these skills or you may simply practice looking out the window and tracking objects that you see.

These examples are only a very small sample of all of the different eyesight games out there. There are eyesight games that work on your focus as well as far-near differentiation and any number of other skills that your eyes use so that you can see clearly and interpret what you see into objects and movements that make sense to your brain.

Take a few minutes out of your day to practice with some of these tests as a way to give your eyes a break from the computer or TV. You may very well find that your vision improves and any headaches that you may be suffering from go away. Your eyes need a break; give it to them!