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Eye Exercises to Improve Vision

Do you have frequent headaches? Maybe you just don’t see as well as you used to. Eye exercises can help with improving your vision and keeping your eyes strong.

Eye fatigue is a common complaint in frequent years because many of us have jobs that require frequent computer use with very little other visual stimulation. When you engage in activities like reading or watching TV for long periods of time, a couple of things happen.

To begin with, you don’t blink as much and also you’re not working your eyes like they were meant to be worked. They aren’t constantly focusing on near and far, and therefore they become overworked because they are straining to do the same task for a long time. They get no rest. Fortunately, there are several eye exercises that you can do to help strengthen the muscles and decrease fatigue.


This is a good relaxation technique for your eyes and it’s really easy. Cup both of your hands over your eyes so that no light is getting through. Then open your eyes and just focus on the blackness for one minute. This acts to “reset” your eyes. Repeat throughout the day.

Eye Circles

This is a good extra-ocular exercise. Just start by looking all the way to the left then roll your eyes all the way up, to the right, down and back to the original position. Do it both ways two or three times and you will fee your muscles get a little looser.

Eye Massage

The eye massage is great for increasing blood flow to your eyes and clearing up vision and is actually used in Chinese medicine. Start with your middle finger on the side of your nose near the corner of your eye and rub in circles up your brow bone and around the outside corner of your eye. Keep rubbing around the socket bone under your eye until you’re back to your nose. Repeat the other direction.

Eye Squeeze

This exercise is great especially if your eyes are dry. Simply squeeze them shut for a few seconds and open them back up. Repeat a few times. You will feel your eyes becoming moist. Dry eyes is a huge cause of fatigue so this one’s really helpful.

Take a Break

This one seems to be a no-brainer, but in reality most people don’t think to do it. Every 15 minutes, look up from your book or computer, or away from the TV and look at other things. Just let your eyes wander. This gives them a break from the glare and a relief from the strain of looking at the same thing constantly.

In conclusion, you only get one set of eyes; you need to take care of them. If you are experiencing dry, tired eyes, headaches or blurry vision, you may very likely be over-working your eyes. Taking a few minutes out of your day to do these eye exercises is not only good for your them, it’s good for your emotional state too.

It’s difficult to be pleasant and productive when your head hurts and your eyes ache! If your problems persist, or occur first thing in the morning, get some eye supplements and see your optometrist just to make sure that everything is okay.