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  1. Reasons
  2. Symptoms
  3. Diagnosis
  4. Treatment


abnormal skin redness or rash, which are fuelled by the strong rush of blood to the capillary vessels of the skin. Susceptible to this disease both sexes are equally possible as erythema in children and adults. But more likely her people at the age of 2030 years, which have geneticheskoi predisposition or spend too much time in the sun.


Erythema can have both physiological and non-physiological in nature. In the first embodiment, erythema may occur as a result of various psycho-emotional conditions or short-term anomalous phenomena. This kind of redness is very fast in itself is not the cause of certain disorders in the body. If erythema is non-physiological in origin, then it can be considered a separate disease which is accompanied with a redness of the skin and the presence of inflammation.

Erythema can have many causes of development. It’s viruses, infections, diseases of the skin and connective tissues, as well as physiotherapy, which require the use of sources of thermal or chemical action. Also causes erythema may include poor circulation, allergic reactions, regular skin friction, effect of cold or chemicals.

Often redness of the skin are the result of Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis and pregnancy. Can provoke erythema and such medicines as penicillin, the means of hormonal contraception (pills), nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, anticonvulsants and sulfa drugs.


Erythema can be divided into several types. Each of them has its own specific symptoms and common symptoms erythema rash and redness.

Erythema is divided into two groups infectious and non-infectious. The first occurs in the background of various infectious diseases, the reasons for which become viruses and other microorganisms.

Infectious erythema Rosenberg

Mostly it is exposed to senior high school students and people up to 25 years. Signs sharp enough, a patient may feel fever, severe headache, suffer from insomnia and pains in the joints. After a few days the skin may be covered asymmetric spotty rash red hue. Erythema affects the mucous membranes of the mouth. The rash passes through 56 days after its occurrence and leaves a lamellar peeling of the skin. The disease lasts for 713 days.

Infectious erythema Camera

The causative agent of this type is considered to be the parvovirus. Usually affected children, and it often occurs without any symptoms. If they do exist, it is manifest from the first day. It small rashes on the face, which eventually fused into one large spot. Also rashes can occur on the skin of the arms, legs, torso and eventually to buy a pale shade. Often there are relapses. In General, this erythema is easily and lasts no more than 2 weeks.

Erythema nodosum

The main symptom is the appearance of nodular subcutaneous inflammation, which are mainly on the front part of the lower limbs, forearms and thighs. They are distinguished by their round shape and Semenya swelling, the structure they are dense, but their sizes may vary within 110 cm in diameter. These inflamed areas can be painful, especially in the case of mechanical action (pressing, etc.). Other symptoms secretes joint pain and fatigue.

Nodular erythema can be a symptom of more serious diseases, such as rheumatism or tuberculosis, or to have independent nature. In the latter case the origin of the disease often remains unknown, although often there is streptococcal infection, mononucleos or receive contraceptives and sulfa drugs. The disease can occur two weeks and a month and a half. Over time, the redness and swelling subsided, and the affected areas may be bruised, which are held by themselves.

Or poliforma multiforme exudative erythema

This form of the disease manifested by fever, headache, joint pains and unpleasant sensations in the muscles. After a few days the skin of the body and extremities may be covered by a strong rash that can cause itching and burning. Erythema multiforme may be accompanied by the formation of blisters filled with fluid. After their breakup can be a painful erosion.

More severe disease can manifest in the form of symptom of Stevens-Johnson, which is characterized by the appearance of bubbles on the mucous membranes of the mouth, eyes, throat, genitals. You may also Lyell’s syndrome, is accompanied by skin rash that turn into big bubbles with serous-hemorrhagic content. Half of the patients it is not possible to identify the exact cause of the disease. In other situations, the manifestations of such diseases as erythema exudative multiforme provoke infectious viral organisms measles, herpes, scarlet fever, etc. or taking certain medicines.

Sudden erythema

As you can tell from the title, develop this type of erythema fast enough. Among the symptoms highlighted a sharp increase in body temperature swollen lymph nodes under the jaw, headache, aching joints and General weakness. Within four days the temperature becomes normal, and then the skin of the face, limbs and trunk is covered with spotty rash. Sometimes the spots may merge and become erythematous field.

Erythema migrans

Can be a symptom of Lyme disease which is mostly transmitted by tick bites, the cause often remains unexplained. The incubation period lasts for 13 weeks. On the site of the bite there is a spot annular shape. It quickly increases and reaches 30 cm in diameter. Further, this ring may turn pale and disappear altogether. The disease can last from 2 weeks to couple of months. Erythema marginatum is not treatable and eventually go away on their own. A special danger of this kind poses to the pregnant woman and her baby.

If we talk about the second, non-infectious form of erythema, this includes diseases that appear as a reaction to a certain stimulus or as a manifestation of Allergy. These include the following types of pathologies

With erythema

It is manifested by inflammation of the skin and is characterized by a rash in response to prolonged or repeated action of the waves of x-rays. This form of erythema shows itself on the irradiated area of skin a pronounced red spot that occurs about 7 days after exposure. This stain lasts 10 days, after which it darkens and acquires a brownish tint. Also on the site of the lesion may appear scaly.

Infrared or heat erythema

Manifested by reason of the prolonged or regular influence of heat, which is not enough for full burn. Manifests as performance on the mesh covering of the skin or pigmented skin.

Persistent erythema uplifting

Is a symptom of allergic vasculitis. The disease has two forms symptomatic, manifesting as side effects, i.e. allergic to the intake of certain medicines, or on a background of arthritis, and idiomatic, which is associated with a genetic etiology, and manifests nodular rash purple tones.


The diagnosis of erythema holds dermatologist, dermatologist or

. Diagnosis of erythema involves collecting patient history, external examination, the taking of scrapings from the rash, common urine and blood samples, swab for streptococcal infection. If erythema is rheumatologic in nature, are required consultation of the doctor-rheumatologist, radiography, CT, MRI.


The treatment of the erythema depends on the extent of skin lesions and the individual characteristics of the patient’s skin. First of all, necessary readjustment of foci of infection, rejection of physical impact that can affect the skin (massage, sun baths, etc.), eliminate contact of your skin and chemical stimuli.

When the disease erythema treatment should include take antibiotics, corticosteroids, and iodide of the alkali, agriproduction that improve the rheological properties and microcirculation of blood, as well as of antiplatelet agents, hemocentro, adaptogens and special medicines that strengthen the walls of blood vessels. When local therapy is used occlusive dressings with corticosteroid ointment and butadiene and appliques Dimexidum.

The patient with erythema need to stay in bed, especially when erythematous lesions are concentrated on the feet. Also very useful exercises that helps to improve blood circulation. Specialists suggest a healthy diet that is not fried, salty and smoked foods, preservatives, alcohol, strong coffee and tea, chocolate. It is also better to eliminate the factors that can cause relapse prolonged walking or standing, Smoking, exposure to low temperatures, lifts weights.