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Diet in rheumatoid arthritis diet in rheumatoid arthritis

  1. Unnecessary exclude
  2. Soul food the right way
  3. Protect the body from the effects of drugs
  4. Take calcium regularly

    Rheumatoid arthritis today widespread among adults and among children.

    Symptoms that may arise during this period

    • the emergence of military experiences in the area of large joints
    • discomfort related to inflammation of small joints
    • lesions may be asymmetrical, meaning that one joint of one shoulder hurts, and the second shoulder is not. Here you can see the dependence of the force of the pain from congestion, which directly depends on the course of the disease
    • pain associated with exertion, according to this, the more you overload the affected joint, the more it hurts, and the disease develops
    • pain after a certain type of work. Pain have a burning nature, and can fade with prolonged rest
    • as a result of inflammatory processes in the joints on the skin appear redness and the temperature of the inflamed area is raised
    • the affected area swollen.

    Diet in rheumatoid arthritis joints may not be perceived as a primary treatment, but you just have to know that nutrition for rheumatoid arthritis must be special. It is scientifically proven that there are foods that can cause this disease and to encourage its active development. It is for the reason that people don’t know about what is and what is not, their health is under constant threat.

    Lesions of the joints lead to accelerated loss of body weight, and this means that the body almost requires proteins that can provide beef, pork, although fish and poultry more useful products. Diet in rheumatoid arthritis must limit their ingestion of the following products

    • fats
    • sugar
    • salt.

    You can ask you can get diet in rheumatoid arthritis, but many people who are familiar with this disease, I will give you a lot of evidence that under certain rules, you can significantly improve your health. This is what we will talk further.

    Unnecessary exclude

    Arthritis joints disease is directly associated with the human immune system. This means that the immune system is actively fighting with your own body, and joints suffer first. In addition, they become inflamed, there may be a complete withering away of the articular joints.

    Foods that tend to cause allergies in humans, can aggravate rheumatoid arthritis. But as you know, one person one and the same product causes an allergic reaction and the other not, so you should carefully examine your body, and only then proceed to the preparation of diets. How do you do it?

    Doctors have developed a technique that allows us to determine the body’s reaction to certain foods in raw and processed form. To this end, employees should limit the use of, for example, milk. This means that for 1-2 weeks, all foods that contain minimum percentage of milk or made based on it (cereal, soup, milkshakes and even ice cream) needs to get out of the daily diet. After this period the product is returned to use for 1 day. Then you need to pay attention on the course of rheumatoid arthritis, if it starts worsening, the tested product is something from which you should refuse. The test can be repeated several times for more accurate results.

    As practice shows, in most cases diet in rheumatoid arthritis joints should exclude

    • all citrus
    • milk of natural origin
    • cereals wheat, corn, oatmeal
    • pork
    • cocoa beans
    • tomatoes
    • eggplant
    • potatoes.

    Soul food the right way

    The person who suffers from this disease, such as rheumatoid arthritis, should consume about 300 grams of fruits and vegetables per day (not counting potatoes). These products in their composition contain substances that can quench the pain and counteract inflammation. And that’s not counting the huge number of vitamins and minerals.

    Protect the body from the effects of drugs

    Food in rheumatoid arthritis should take into account the fact that the number of drugs can cause inflammation, such as kidney or liver. This fact further limits the use of these products, which can be the cause. This means that from the daily diet should exclude the following products

    • fatty broths, thick soups
    • products smoked
    • fried foods
    • canned
    • alcoholic beverages
    • strong teas and coffee
    • chocolate in any form
    • foods high in cholesterol.

    If you evaluate all the ways of cooking wholesome food, the first place, of course, is a steaming, boiling, stewing and baking. Steamed vegetables, fruits, meat, retain the maximum possible amount of healthy nutrients.

    Take calcium regularly

    The body’s calcium is leached with great speed while taking hormonal preparations, it means that the person faces a number of new diseases, such as osteoporosis. To avoid this, you should be familiar with the following products, which include diet in rheumatoid arthritis

    • dairy products is given to the low fat content
    • the greens in the leaves
    • products containing soy.

    Proper diet in rheumatoid arthritis not all treatment, but a factor that can significantly affect the course of the disease. A person suffering from this disease must learn to control yourself while eating. Of course, give up favorite foods isn’t easy but wrong diet (it should be under the control of medical professionals) or failure to comply with it can lead to a wheelchair. Therefore it is better to learn to resist the desires (if it’s too difficult for you, try at least to reduce the dose of harmful products) than to abandon a full life.