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The Dangers Of Wearing Contact Lenses

Many people eschew laser eye surgery because of the risk. But they don’t like to wear eye glasses because of the inconvenience. In an effort to split the difference, millions decide to wear contact lenses instead.

But, while eye surgery can be risky, contacts come with their own set of risks. The primary risks are the that people who wear contacts for extended periods of time are at greater risk of developing eye infections. They also increase their risk of developing corneal ulcers, a condition in which the surface epithelial layer of the cornea is destroyed. In many cases the eye is permanently damaged. In the worst of these cases, the person can become blind.

Many of the problems caused by lenses are due to improper care. For instance, when removed from the eye, contact lenses should be cleaned and disinfected according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Some people, in an understandable attempt to save money, will reuse their contact lens cleaning solution for multiple days. Invariably, contaminants or other irritants will attach themselves to the lens. And when the lens is placed into the eye, these irritants and contaminants will be carried along with them possibly causing the eye to become infected.

Similar problems can be caused by cleaning your contact lenses with tap water, distilled water, or other types of cleaning solutions. Some people believe that distilled water is pure and is, therefore, safe to use. In reality, however, the use of distilled water to clean contact lenses has been linked Acanthamoeba keratitis.

This is a serious eye disease in which a parasitic amoebae invades the eye and causes destruction to the cornea. This is a common parasite, and can often be found in regular tap water, municipal swimming pools, lakes, saunas, and the like.

In most situations, it is harmless. The problem is, when they attach themselves to contact lenses which are then placed in the eye. This allows them to come in direct contact with the eye for an extended period of time where they can cause a great deal of damage before they are noticed.

That is why you should always use sterilized solution suggested by the manufacturer. When wearing contact lenses, it is extremely important to explicitly follow the directions of your doctor. And, if you experience any prolonged eye irritation or infections, extreme discomfort, blurred vision, red eye, or other symptoms – you should immediately stop wearing them until you have had your eyes examined.

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